Statement from Senator Jim Tedisco on Rotterdam Migrant Situation at Super 8 Motel

Senator Jim Tedisco (R,C-44th Senate District) on Rotterdam Migrant Situation at Super 8 Motel

“We support legal immigration and a path to citizenship but what the federal government has done in Rotterdam is a complete failure by New York City and federal leadership in every way.” 

“This is a shameful act of hypocrisy with a total lack of communications and transparency by the Mayor of New York City who purports to lead a sanctuary city but then shuffles people off to an Upstate community without any preparation.”   

“It’s unconscionable to displace one group of vulnerable citizens that needs housing and services with any other without a plan in place and with no communication to those affected locally. This was done without consulting local officials to help coordinate a response.”  

“This federal crisis starts at the border which must be secured. This doesn’t solve a problem, it exacerbates it.”