Tedisco: Late NYS Budget is “Pie and Pork in the Sky!”

Albany - - The Governor and Legislative Majorities have become the Petrie dish experiment for the failure of one-party rule. Not only have they failed these past four years to have an on-time fiscally responsible budget, but it’s led to our beautiful state having the dubious distinction of being number one in out-migration of all 50 states. This $230 billion late state budget (spending $8 billion more than last year) will do nothing to make our state more affordable or safer. The unsustainable spending in this budget, which has been handed to us by the Governor (and accepted by the Majorities) via messages of necessity bypassing the three-day waiting period for my colleagues, the public and media to thoroughly review the legislation, is not only pie in the sky, it's pie and pork in the sky.”

Editor’s Note: Here’s a Link to Senator Tedisco’s remarks on the Senate Floor debating the state budget.