Tedisco: No Tax Dollars for Anti-Semites & Racists on College Campuses

Tedisco Calls for Expulsion of Anti-Semites, Racists from SUNY/CUNY

In response to a “sickening” wave of antisemitism at college campuses, Senator Tedisco introduces new legislation to expel any SUNY/CUNY student who is guilty of a hate crime  

Senator Jim Tedisco (R,C-Saratoga Springs), ranking member of the Senate Education Committee, today announced new legislation he is introducing for lifetime expulsion of any student enrolled in a state-funded State University of New York (SUNY) or City University of New York (CUNY) school who is convicted of a hate crime. 

Senator Tedisco’s legislation is in response to the rising incidents of antisemitism in college campuses in New York State and across the nation following the October 7th Hamas terrorist attack on Israel that resulted in the deaths of over 1,400 people and the taking hostage of 240 Israelis, Americans and others.

Tedisco’s bill adds a penalty to New York State’s Hate Crimes Law for permanent expulsion from SUNY and CUNY schools for those guilty under the statute. Hate Crimes are as defined under NYS Penal Law Section 485.05. 

“In America and New York State, people have a 1st Amendment right of freedom of speech, but they don’t have a right to be antisemites or racists with a state-subsidized education on the taxpayers’ dime at our SUNY and CUNY schools. Going to a SUNY or CUNY school is a privilege and not a right. We have a fiduciary responsibility as guardians of taxpayer funds to ensure that those despicable individuals who are convicted of hate crimes lose that privilege of getting a taxpayer-funded education at our state colleges and universities,” said Senator Jim Tedisco. 

Even the 1st Amendment has limitations. You can’t cry out ‘fire’ in a crowded theater when no fire exists, and you can’t commit a sickening racist or antisemitic hate crime for the harm, death or hatred of Jewish people or any other group. New York State and its education system can never accept hate crimes on our college campuses or anywhere else!” added Senator Tedisco.