Senator Jessica Ramos Issues Statement on latest SCOTUS Rulings

Senator Ramos conducts public hearing of the labor committee


CONTACT: Astrid Aune,

QUEENS, NY - In response to the series of Supreme Court decisions stripping affirmative action, upending LGBTQ+ discrimination protections, and striking down the Biden student debt relief plan, State Senator Jessica Ramos (D SD-13) issued the following statement:

“We are witnessing an extreme Supreme Court systematically destroy the rights of American citizens, rights which were courageously awarded by the same Court that has now been delegitimized.

This Court is untethered to precedent. It’s untethered to the will of this nation. It’s untethered to reality. Instead, it is tethered to corruption and the influence of billionaires who think ethical standards are mere suggestions.

And I fear that this is just the beginning of a generational war, where this Extreme Court rules by the wishes of the minority it upholds — white, Christian, conservative —  while the liberties of the people who look and speak like me are decimated.

We need to see the Democratic Party let go of the idea that Republicans will eventually come to their senses and start to show some decorum. I’m tired of losing rights because we are constantly running defense. We have the leadership, the people are behind them. It’s time for Washington to start legislating on offense.”