Statement From Senator Ramos and Assemblymember Burgos on Governor DeSantis Requiring the use of E-Verify System

For Immediate Release: May 9, 2023

Contact: Christian Barbato (Burgos), 540-840-6698, barbatoc@nyassembly.govAstrid Aune (Ramos), 530-400-0509,

ALBANY, NY - In response to the Florida state legislature passing legislation that would require businesses of 25 employees or more to use the E-Verify system to check the immigration status of workers, Senator Jessica Ramos (D-SD13) and Assemblymember Kenny Burgos (D-AD85) released the following joint statement:

“Make no mistake, Ron DeSantis’ e-verify requirement is an attack on the immigrant community. It’s telling that this labor-regulation was passed as part of a series of anti-immigration legislation. Requiring the use of the e-verify system goes against the moral fabric of our nation. It discourages immigrants from making a living and incites xenophobia. This system has also proved to be flawed. Using e-verify  to check the employment authorization status only creates space for prejudice, unsafe worksites, and an implicit bias towards a community that contributes extensive labor and growth in our state. As we represent one of the largest immigrant communities in the country, these circumstances are the harsh reality for a majority of the people who migrate to our country.

Here in New York State, we are moving in the opposite direction from Governor DeSantis, and have introduced legislation (S1802/A568) that would prohibit employers from using the e-verify system to check the employment authorization status of a current or prospective employee, as well as prohibiting localities from passing ordinances requiring employers to use the e-verify system. This legislation has passed and been implemented successfully in Illinois. We hope New York will be the next state to show Governor DeSantis what compassionate and effective governance looks like.

Governor DeSantis and the Florida legislature are trying to score cheap political points with this foolish legislation, but it will come back to bite them. When farms and the construction sector in Florida comes to a halt, they will soon realize their state’s economic growth depends on the 20 percent of Florida’s population they chose to target.”



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