Senator John W. Mannion Announces $1.3 Million in Capital Funding for Municipal Projects

SYRACUSE, NY – Senator John W. Mannion today announced $1,300,000 in capital funding for municipal infrastructure and improvement projects.

The grants will be used for an array of projects and local needs including stream stabilization, seawall repair, purchase of snow removal equipment, facilities upgrades, and making parks more accessible. 

“My office works closely with local governments across the 50th Senate District to identify projects that are eligible for state funding and once completed will provide extraordinary benefits to our communities. I’m thrilled that grant applications that I’ve been working on in partnership with our municipalities since taking office are moving forward. I know the funding I secured in the budget for our local governments will help improve public spaces, services, and quality of life in our region.” 

  • Town of Brutus ($155,000) - This funding supported the Aqueduct Park Pavillion, a 642 square foot open air structure with electric service and paved access road, which will allow greater use of the park during all weather conditions. 

  • Village of Camillus ($70,000) - This funding allowed the Village to replace fencing surrounding the tennis and pickleball courts at Camillus Park. 

  • Village of Camillus ($100,000) - This funding enabled the Village to remove and replace a deteriorating storage shed located on Mechanic Street, restoring the Village’s storage capacity. 

  • Village of Fayetteville ($165,000) - This funding supported the Village’s repairs and stabilization to the Canal Landing Park Limestone Creek Bank and Bishop’s Brook Riparian Wall. 

  • Town of Marcellus ($50,000) - This funding made improvements to Grove Park and equipment there to make the park more accessible to individuals, particularly children, with developmental disabilities. 

  • Village of Marcellus ($180,000) - This funding allowed the Town to build a footbridge for students crossing over the creek from school property to the new outdoor educational space known as the Green Gateway.

  • Town of Onondaga ($250,000) - This funding allowed the Town to purchase an Eco-friendly vacuum truck, which will be used to remove sediment from catch basins and culvert pipes, ensuring water quality.

  • Village of Skaneateles ($185,650) - This funding enabled the Village to make vital seawall repairs at Cliff Park.

  • Village of Solvay ($51,449) - This funding enabled the town to purchase Bobcat snow removal equipment. 

  • Town of Van Buren ($90,000) - This funding enabled the Town to repair and reconstruct sidewalks along Maple Road. 

Town of Brutus Supervisor James Hotaling said, “The Town of Brutus is pleased that Senator Mannion has awarded a SAM grant to the Town of Brutus for the Aqueduct Park Pavilion in the amount of $155,000. The grant will assist in the building of the Park Pavilion which will allow the community to have events, such as music events, farmers markets, and picnicking and will increase tourism in our area.”

Village of Camillus Mayor Richard Waterman said, “We, in the Village of Camillus, wish to thank Senator John Mannion for his assistance in helping to obtain two grants for our village. One is a  grant for all new fencing around the tennis and pickleball courts in Munro Park and the second for a new storage shed behind the village hall. His efforts are greatly appreciated.”

Village of Fayetteville Mayor Mark A. Olson said, “We appreciate the Senator’s help in securing grant funding for critical Village Infrastructure, this project was long overdue and we appreciate the financial assistance to get the project completed.”

Town of Marcellus Supervisor Karen Pollard said, “We received a $50,000 grant to be used in our town park for a playground. The playground is geared towards 2- to 5-year-olds and for special needs children.  Upon completion, it has been greeted with positivity from the park visitors.  While the grant did not cover the complete cost it sure helped bring down the cost for us. It was greatly appreciated.”

Village of Marcellus Mayor John P. Curtin said, “The Village of Marcellus and students at Marcellus Central High School are most grateful to Sen. Mannion for his assistance in helping to secure funding for the construction of a footbridge across Nine Mile Creek, providing an easy and safe manner for students to cross directly from campus to an outdoor classroom and educational site in the Village’s Green Gateway Park."

Town of Onondaga Supervisor John P. Mahar said, “The Town Highway Department was able to replace our outdated and inefficient vacuum truck as a result of the SAM grant we received. With the new eco-friendly vehicle we purchased, the Town is now able to quickly clear catch basins to prevent drainage problems while minimizing impact on the environment. We are grateful to Senator Mannion for securing the funds to help strengthen our infrastructure for the benefit of our residents.”

Village of Skaneateles Mayor Mary Sennett said, “Senator Mannion listens and acts. The seawall in our village park, where our high school graduates jump in the lake, where residents and visitors stop to enjoy a break on a park bench and where many village activities take place, is in need of repair.  Senator Mannion helped guide us through the grant application process and secured $185,000 for the needed repairs.  Thank you, Senator Mannion.”


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