Senator Mannion Awards $300,000 to the Brain Injury Association of New York State (BIANYS) to Expand Services Through the Continuum of Care for Resource Facilitation Program

Mannion serves as Chairman of the Disabilities Committee

ALBANY, NY – Senator John W. Mannion today awarded $300,000 to the Brain Injury Association of New York State (BIANYS) to support its vital Continuum of Care for Resource Facilitation program. 

As Chairman of the Disabilities Committee, the funding is part of Senator Mannion's ongoing commitment to improving services and care for New Yorkers with intellectual or developmental disabilities, including those living with brain injuries. 

Senator John W. Mannion said, "Brain injuries have a profound impact on individuals and their families that require the support of state government and important groups like BIANYS. This critical funding will enable BIANYS to carry out its plan to deliver services and programs that will make a real difference in the lives of those affected by brain injuries."

Brain injuries are a significant public health concern, affecting millions of New Yorkers and creating complex challenges that affect cognition, memory, behavior, and physical abilities, making reintegration into the community a formidable task. While there has been an increased awareness of the need to enhance prevention and treatment efforts, there are still gaps in the continuum of care that BIANYS's work aims to address.

Bob Gunderson, President of the Brain Injury Association of New York State, said, “Senator Mannion has been an incredible advocate for the brain injury committee. He stands up for families and brain injury survivors to improve quality of life with services and activities that bring dignity, respect, and equality. He strongly believes in improving the care delivery system for New Yorkers living with brain injuries and we could not thank him enough for all of his hard work on securing funding for the Continuum of Care for Resource Facilitation.” 

Kelly Thune, Fayetteville resident and author of Sisu To A New You: Overcoming Concussion/mTBI, said “There is a paradigm that still exists that if you look good, you must feel good. As a brain injury survivor, I have been erroneously judged because my symptoms are invisible and misunderstood by the public. This only prolonged my healing, and feelings of loss and isolation. The Continuum of Care program can help our public see through an educated lens the prevention of brain injury and the importance of assisting those that need prompt and coordinated care.”

The Continuum of Care for Resource Facilitation program offers a comprehensive approach to tackle brain injuries within the state. 

The three-pronged plan encompasses prevention and outreach efforts, a care management program to educate healthcare providers, and access to specialists for brain injury patients and their caregivers. This approach will not only improve prevention and early recognition but also ensure that brain injury patients receive the best care available, reducing hospitalizations and improving overall outcomes.

Currently, BIANYS primarily serves individuals who sustained their brain injury before the age of twenty-two, leaving a significant portion of the population who sustained brain injuries over the age of twenty-two underserved. The $300,000 in funding secured by Senator Mannion represents a significant step forward in addressing this issue and expanding BIANYS's reach to support all New Yorkers living with brain injuries.

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