Senator Mannion Introduces Legislation to Increase Personal Needs Allowance (PNA) for Nursing Home Residents

Current PNA was set in 1988; Mannion’s bill increases quality of life for nursing home residents

Residents use PNA to pay for small general expenses like toiletries, haircuts, and personal items like shoes and clothing

SYRACUSE, NY – Senator John W. Mannion today announced legislation (S7786) to increase the Personal Needs Allowance (PNA) for nursing home residents. 

The PNA is a small monthly allowance derived from a resident’s own income that is exempt from nursing home costs. It’s used by residents to purchase personal items and care such as toiletries, haircuts, and clothing. 

Senator John W. Mannion said, "Senior citizens and nursing home residents deserve to live with dignity and respect – and that includes having the resources they need to cover their personal expenses without worry. The PNA has not increased in over three decades – it is well past time that we address this significant quality-of-life issue on behalf of New York’s seniors.”

The current PNA is $35-$90 per month - depending on circumstances such as being a veteran - and has not increased since 1988. Senator Mannion’s bill increases the PNA for a typical nursing home resident from $50 to $128 per month. This proposed increase is based on the rise in inflation since the allowance was last raised.

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