Senate Deputy Leader Gianaris Announces $365k For Gun Violence Prevention In Woodside Houses Through Community Capacity Development

Senator Gianaris delivers remarks from a podium bearing the red-and-black logo of Community Capacity Development. Standing next to him are volunteers from the organization.
Gianaris’ Funding Builds on Longstanding Support of Community-Based Violence Prevention Programs

WOODSIDE, N.Y. – Senate Deputy Leader Michael Gianaris announced he secured $365,000 in funding for Community Capacity Development (CCD) to fight gun violence in Woodside Houses. He made the announcement at Woodside Houses joined by CCD’s leadership and members of the Woodside Houses Tenants Association. Photos from the event are available here.


“Making our communities safe starts with empowering our neighbors to lead and investing in proven tools to interrupt violence and prevent disruption before it occurs,” said Senate Deputy Leader Michael Gianaris. “I am proud to have secured $365,000 for Community Capacity Development, building off previous investments we made, to keep expanding the scope of this important, life-saving work." 


Senator Gianaris has fought to fund and support community-based violence interruption efforts in western Queens and across New York State. He’s secured funding for CCD, Queensbridge 696, and included funding in the state budget for programs across New York that use innovative, community-based models to prevent gun violence.


Senator Gianaris has been a longtime proponent of stricter gun safety laws, including writing portions of New York’s strongest-in-the-nation gun laws and recently passing a law requiring quarterly reporting about the origins of guns used in crimes. According to a 2015 analysis by the New York Times, two-thirds of guns used in crimes in New York were imported from other states.


K. Bain, Founder and CEO of Community Capacity Development, said, “We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Senator Gianaris and their office for their generous investment in the Woodside housing community and in Community Capacity Development. This funding signifies their significant support for people-powered public safety and their belief in the power of human and healing justice. At CCD, we firmly believe that investing in people and empowering those closest to the issues is the key to fostering sustainable and meaningful change in our community. It is important to recognize that this announcement marks the beginning of the accountability process. We understand that it is not enough to simply secure resources; it is crucial to ensure that these resources are effectively and equitably allocated to those who are actively engaged in this essential work. We are honored to have Senator Gianaris as an ally in our mission. Together, we will not only work tirelessly to create positive change within our community but also ensure that these resources are utilized responsibly and make a tangible impact where they are most needed. Thank you for your support and belief in human justice.”


Tammy Reyes, Acting President of the Woodside Houses Tenants Association, said, “Thank you Senator Gianaris for always supporting Woodside Houses and the youth. These funds will allow Woodside CCD to provide youth access to educational resources, extracurricular activities, and employment trainings that will keep them off the streets. Our youth need a safe space to have fun and be mentored by others in our community that will build their self-confidence and empowerment to become successful. This is a great day for Woodside Houses & CCD!”