In Response to Growing Violence in Our Schools, New York State Senator Monica R. Martinez Introduces Legislation Requiring School-Specific Training for School Security Guards


(Hauppauge, NY): Senator Monica R. Martinez introduced bill S4559 calling for school security guards to receive school-specific training. The effort comes at a time where schools continue to experience an increase in acts of violence. The bill would require those seeking employment as a school security guard to undergo specialized training in various areas including but not limited to youth conflict resolution and mediation, dynamics of student behavior and cultural awareness, and the role of school-security in an educational environment. 

“The role of school security guards has changed. We must ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to serve our youth population in an educational climate. School is a place for learning and growth, and we must preserve such through intentional and effective school-safety measures,” said Senator Martinez.

This enhanced training addresses the current gap in the general security guard license offered in New York State. The Department of Criminal Justice in tandem with the Department of Homeland Security and New York State Police would implement the certification. The training would ultimately prepare school security guards to safely resolve internal conflict and respond appropriately to emergency situations.

On April 5, the Board of Education of the Sachem Central School District unanimously passed a Resolution in support of this bill…”The Board of Education of the Sachem Central School District does now proclaim its full support and endorsement of the current New York State Senate Bill S4559 sponsored by Senator Martinez.” The Resolution further proclaims, “The Board of Education of the Sachem Central School District does now call upon all our fellow Boards of Education across the State of New York, as well as each and every State elected official, to join the Board of Education of the Sachem Central School District in its support for the passage of the “School Security Guard Training Enhancement Act.” 

Senator Martinez strongly believes school safety initiatives require a holistic and comprehensive approach. “New York students and families have been experiencing the collective uptick in school-related violence. As a former educator, school safety is a top priority. We must provide an environment conducive to learning while maintaining a sense of security for our students, teachers, staff and the communities at large. This is one measure that will assist in securing their safety,” stated Senator Martinez


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