Senator Martinez Sponsors Legislation to Improve Limousine Safety

(Albany, NY) Senator Monica R. Martinez proudly sponsored S1367, as part of the Senate Majority’s limousines safety package. Senator Martinez’s bill will require limousine drivers to provide a pre-trip safety briefing for passengers, similar to those administered for airline passengers or other commercial rides. 

Senator Martinez and the Democratic Majority have fought to implement safety measures that will keep riders safe and prevent senseless tragedies. In 2015, a limousine collision in Cutchogue, New York took the lives of four young women. In 2018, twenty people died after a crash in Schoharie, New York. 

This legislative package improves safety regulations on limousines, including:

  • Strengthening Limo Safety Ratings (S1371):  Sponsored by Senator Breslin, this bill improves the Safe Limo safety rating system to line it up closely with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s SAFETY system. 
  • Vehicle Retirement Thresholds (S1443A): Sponsored by Senator Hinchey, this bill ages out stretch limousine vehicles at 350,000 miles or 10 years- whichever comes first- with the exception of antiques, show cars, and similar vehicles. 
  • Equipping Limos with Emergency Tools (S1442): Sponsored by Senator Scarcella-Spanton, this bill requires stretch limos to be equipped with window break tools and operational fire extinguishers. 
  • Requiring Roll-Over Protection Devices (S1368): Sponsored by Senator Kennedy, this bill requires stretch limos to be equipped with roll-over protection and anti-intrusion devices (cages, pillars, and anti-intrusion bars). 
  • Increased Penalties for Disobeying Inspections and Expanded Seizure of Unsafe Vehicle (S1370A): Sponsored by Senator Kennedy, this bill strengthens penalties when a stretch limo has failed an inspection but the operator still uses the vehicles.
  • Extending the Stretch Limousine Passenger Safety Task Force (S1369): Sponsored by Senator Kennedy, this bill extends the Stretch Limousine Passenger Safety Task Force’s operations by extending it to December 31, 2024 and directs the Task Force to continue to hold public hearings as needed. 


“The tragic 2015 Cutchogue crash where four young women were killed while four were injured, and the horrific 2018 Schoharie crash, where twenty lives were lost, is not something any family shall have to endure. Today’s bills will protect our loved ones and save countless lives,” stated Senator Martinez.

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