Statement From Senator Sean Ryan On Judiciary Committee Vote


ALBANY – Today, January 18, 2023, New York State Senator Sean Ryan released the following statement regarding his vote against confirming Justice Hector LaSalle’s nomination to the New York State Court of Appeals:

“As potential members of New York’s highest court, it is vital that nominees to the New York State Court of Appeals face the highest level of scrutiny, akin to the scrutiny that nominees to the U.S. Supreme Court must face. Especially in light of the Dobbs decision and the current activist conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court, it is critically important that state courts act as a check against federal judicial overreach. Today the Senate Judiciary Committee provided Justice Hector LaSalle with a full and fair hearing to which he was entitled.

In preparation for today’s hearing, I spent weeks carefully examining Justice LaSalle’s record and decisions. During this process I became very concerned about his judgment and the impact it would have on our state’s highest court. While I appreciate Justice LaSalle’s responses to the committee’s wide-ranging questions, his answers demonstrated his overly narrow views of the rule of law and the role of courts in our society. After thoughtful consideration, I voted against his confirmation today. With the rejection of this nomination, I look forward to respectfully considering another nominee put forth by the Governor.”