Senate Passes Clean Slate Act

The New York State Senate passed the Clean Slate Act that establishes the automatic sealing of certain conviction records after a specific period of time for individuals that have completed their sentences and meet eligibility requirements. The Clean Slate Act will help prevent discrimination against formerly incarcerated New Yorkers and provide greater opportunities through increased job security and access to stable housing, according to the Senate Majority. The legislation will also boost New York's economy and workforce as more New Yorkers with past convictions will be able to enter the labor market and increase their earnings. The Clean Slate Act also makes conviction records accessible to law enforcement in certain circumstances. New York will become the 11th state to automatically seal criminal convictions upon adoption of the legislation.

Senate Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins said, “Clean Slate offers a genuine second chance to individuals who have fully paid their debt to society, enabling them to restart their lives and become positive contributors to their communities. By passing Clean Slate, we affirm our belief in redemption and improve our society by providing formerly incarcerated individuals a better opportunity to enter the workforce and establish stable lives. My appreciation goes to Senator Zellnor Myrie for championing this bill in the Senate, and to the New York State Legislature for their support in passing this vital legislation that will empower thousands of New Yorkers to forge a better future.”

Senate bill sponsor Senator Zellnor Myrie said, “I'm deeply proud to serve in a legislative body that recognizes the economic, moral and public safety imperatives for passing Clean Slate. This legislation makes it clear that New Yorkers who have served their sentences and returned to the community owe no other debts before they can rebuild their lives, obtain housing and education, and secure gainful employment. Clean Slate means stronger, safer, and more stable communities. I'm grateful to my colleagues and to the broad coalition of New Yorkers who have spoken up for this bill, and I look forward to getting it over the finish line.”

Read the New York State Legislature Press Release.

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