Felder Outraged by Unacceptable “Relocation” of Midwood Post-Office

Midwood Post Office

Midwood Post Office

Senator Simcha Felder voiced his vehement opposition to the planned "relocation" of the Midwood Post Office, serving over 100,000 residents within his district, from its current location at 1288 Coney Island Avenue, and demanded a more suitable location within the 11230-zip code. In a strongly worded letter to the Postmaster General, Senator Felder stressed that the proposed relocation site at 954 Kings Highway, in the 11223-zip code, would cause lengthy service delays and unnecessary hardships for the people currently served at Midwood, which is the only post office in its current zip code.

“This poorly conceived plan jeopardizes the well-being of 100,000 people who rely on the accessibility of this post office in their daily lives," said Senator Felder. " Calling it a 'relocation' grossly understates the reality that- if it is allowed- this move will leave a large population gravely underserved.”

The proposed move raises significant concerns about the adverse effects on neighborhood residents. At its current location, Midwood Post Office provides vital mail services to a densely populated area with a high concentration of Senior citizens, lower-income households, and individuals with disabilities. The new location would require patrons to travel over 30 minutes and more than a mile away for needed services. Additionally, alarms have been raised that USPS operations in the 11223-zip code are already overburdened and unable to handle the influx of patrons.

“Decisions impacting the wellbeing of so many people must be thoughtfully evaluated, yet every aspect of this plan is outrageously flawed and irresponsible. I demand that they find a location that is closer to the current location and within the confines of the 11230-zip code to continue serving residents of this community,” said Senator Felder.