Simcha Felder

January 20, 2023

Brooklyn, NY - This week, the New York State Senate passed legislation (S-1242) sponsored by Senator Simcha Felder (D-Brooklyn) that protects New Yorkers from hefty gotcha fines for expired inspection stickers. The law will require the Department of Motor Vehicles to provide drivers with advance notice of their upcoming annual vehicle inspection date requirement and provide a five-day grace period before a ticket may be issued.

Currently, the DMV does not provide any notice to motorists regarding their vehicle inspection. The parking fines for expired inspection sticker tickets contribute to over $565 million in revenue to NYC. Under the new law, DMV would notify drivers via postal mail or e-mail thirty days before their vehicle inspection sticker is set to expire.

“For hardworking New Yorkers, these GOTCHA tickets are infuriating! I am proud to continue my legacy that began with my first bill ever signed into law creating the 5-minute grace period for parking meter tickets. NYers are not a cash cow,” said Senator Felder.

Rachel N. in a call to Senator Felder’s office said, “I got a ticket for expired inspection on a Saturday and the inspection station I trust was closed on Sunday. I was so upset that I made this expensive mistake, but even worse was watching my husband worry about getting another ticket before we could get an inspection. A notice in advance would save such a headache!”

After passing Senator Felder’s bill, for the third time in recent years, the Senate sent it to the Assembly, where it has previously stalled.

“Every business that expects payment from a customer sends an invoice and New Yorkers deserve no less from their government agencies. Give people a fair warning, with a pinch of grace, and they will get it done without always reaching into their wallet first,” said Senator Felder.  

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