Statement from Senator Stec on Governor Hochul's Plan to Close Five Correctional Facilities

“In her budget presentation, Governor Hochul included language authorizing the closure of five correctional facilities. This is absolutely unacceptable and further proof of how reckless Democrat leaders continue to be with public safety.

“Because of their so-called criminal justice reforms, dangerous criminals are allowed to roam in their communities and felons inside correctional facilities have free rein to assault officers, staff and other inmates. Our police and corrections officers lack the support and resources they need to protect themselves and others.

“I represent several correctional facilities and the men and women that work there. I’m proud to stand with our officers and civilian staff, whether that means sponsoring legislation to repeal HALT or opposing Governor Hochul’s plan to close more correctional facilities. Closing them would mean a loss of good-paying jobs and have a devastating effect on our community.

‘We cannot allow that to happen. I will not support any budget that closes correctional facilities, In the days ahead, I will fight on behalf of all the men and women who work in these sites and work to ensure these jobs remain right here in our community and that these facilities remain open.”