Statement by Senator George Borrello on the Executive Budget


New York State Capitol

“While we will be delving into the details of Governor Hochul’s $233 billion spending plan in the coming days, my first reaction is that it’s a missed opportunity to tackle New York’s biggest problems and put us on a stronger course for the future. 

There is nothing in here that will slow or stop New York’s worst-in-the-nation outmigration of residents, such as income or property tax cuts. There is an alarming proposal to close five prisons, which will exacerbate the crime crisis. There is a threat of our rural schools losing crucial aid. And there is a proposal to plant thousands of trees at taxpayer expense even as thousands of mature trees are cut down as part of the state's green energy boondoggle.  

Most concerning is the allocation of $2.4 billion in funding for Democrat’s self-created migrant crisis, which has already consumed $2 billion in taxpayer funds over the past year. Governor Hochul’s budget remarks cast our state as an innocent victim in this catastrophe. Nothing could be further from the truth. The sanctuary policies put in place by Democrats are the defacto ‘welcome mat’ that has encouraged this influx. Allowing these policies to stay in place and expecting hardworking New York taxpayers to simply pay the bill is shameful and another reason for people to leave.  

New York State is at a crossroads. If we are to reverse New York’s downward spiral, we need a major change in priorities. As this process moves forward, my colleagues and I will be advocating for our rural and suburban communities and advancing proposals to put our state back on the right track.”