Statement from Senator George Borrello on Vicious Attacks by Inmates Against Collins Correctional Officers

Senator Borrello in the Senate Chamber

JAMESTOWN, NY – In response to reports that an officer at Collins Correctional Facility had part of his finger bitten off in a violent attack by an inmate, Senator George Borrello released the following statement:   

“New York State prisons have become a real life ‘house of horrors’ thanks to the pro-criminal policies of the Democrats who run our state.

In just one horrific day at Collins last week, a correctional officer had a piece of his finger bitten off by an out-of-control inmate, who also punched another officer in the face and kicked a third in the groin during the assault. The incident stemmed from the inmate’s anger at having to return to his cell after a routine cell search for contraband. Altogether, seven officers suffered injuries from the attack by this one inmate.  Later in the day, two assaults by different inmates brought the total of injured officers up to nine, all in one day.

The union representing correctional officers has reported that in just the first six months of 2024, the assaults on staff have surpassed 1000. They have stated that, at this rate, assaults on staff are on track to increase another 30 percent over last year. What is the response to this ongoing safety crisis in our prisons from our governor and Democratic leaders? Silence.   

The governor and the Democratic majorities in the legislature have failed to keep their promise to make sure our prison employees are kept safe. They are criminally negligent and responsible for every catastrophic injury on our prison staff as well as the lifelong physical and mental health impacts these hardworking men and women will endure.”