Statement from Senator Jim Tedisco on State Budget Extender

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“I didn’t think there would be a second eclipse so soon but if you want to see total darkness, just visit the state Capitol during this state budget process.”

“I wish I had a quarter for every time I heard from the Majority that it’s better to have a good late budget than a bad on-time budget.  Well, all signs point to New York having a bad late budget.  The constitution says the budget is due on April 1st. This is the first time in over four decades that all levers of power are controlled by one affiliation predominantly from one region of the state so the Governor and the Super Majorities in both houses only have themselves to blame for this mess.”

“None of my constituents go to work, sit there and not do their most important job and still expect to get paid.  Our constituents don’t want extender after extender, they want a good, fiscally-sound, balanced, on-time budget.  The legislature should come back and get the job done and get a budget passed!”

Here’s Senator Jim Tedisco’s remarks on the Senate Floor Today about the late budget: