Senator Cooney Announces Push to Secure $15M in this Year's Budget to Construct Long-Distance Bus Terminal

Senator Cooney Stands with Supporters

(Rochester, NY) - Senator Jeremy Cooney (D-Rochester) and Rochester’s state legislative delegation today announced their request to Governor Hochul and the state legislature for $15 million in this year’s budget to go towards construction of a new long-distance bus terminal at the Louise M. Slaughter Station. The current Trailways station was meant to be temporary; however, it has now been in operation for the past 12 years. Senator Cooney explained that this $15 million would fund the terminal’s construction and finally create the intermodal station that Congresswoman Slaughter envisioned. The Senator was joined by representatives from Mayor Malik Evans’ office and Reconnect Rochester.

“First impressions are everything, but the current station is doing us no favors with travelers coming into our city,” said Senator Jeremy Cooney. “Congresswoman Slaughter always envisioned a shared station for buses and trains, and it’s past time that we fulfill that mission. The bus terminal is a major gateway to Downtown Rochester, and I’m committed to delivering a station that represents the best of our city and meets the needs of our community.” 

Assemblymember Demond Meeks said, “Inter-city bus and train passengers tend to be lower-income and residents of underserved neighborhoods. As we work towards revitalizing our Downtown Rochester, it is important that we deliver equitable investments into the infrastructure and resources that our community depends on. Our current bus station represents a significant investment in public transportation that remains unfulfilled. The Long-Distance Bus Terminal Project will bring needed expansions to the Louise M. Slaughter Station and improve travel not only for the people of Greater Rochester, but throughout our region. As a state representative serving both the Town of Gates and the City of Rochester, I will continue to advocate for accessible and reliable transportation for all throughout our community.”

Assemblymember Harry Bronson said, “Support for Phase II of the Intermodal Station is imperative to transportation equity and access in Rochester and Monroe County, and throughout our region. This hub will connect passengers to flexible, diverse and reliable modes of transportation from one centralized location, making it easier for them to commute to work or school or travel throughout the state. Thank you also to Senator Schumer for his support in bringing increased transportation opportunities to our area.” 

"Expanding the Louise M. Slaughter Train Station to include a new intermodal transportation terminal is more than just about building infrastructure; it's about creating equity and investing in a more connected future for Rochester and the region,” said Rochester Mayor Malik D. Evans. “With so many city residents not owning a car either by choice or circumstance, we need to continually strive to provide a variety of safe, efficient and cost effective transit solutions."

Mary Staropoli, MPA, Executive Director of Reconnect Rochester said, "People traveling by bus to and from the Rochester area have gone too long (since 2012) with a temporary, rundown facility. It is past time to give intercity bus travelers the facility they deserve, and correct a glaring deficiency in our transportation network. We view this as a matter of transportation equity as we readily invest tens of millions of dollars in roads and the ROC Airport, which serve the transportation needs of Greater Rochester's more affluent residents who can afford a personal vehicle or a plane ticket. Passengers using intercity bus services, meanwhile, have literally been left out in the cold. We hope Governor Hochul will provide the funding needed to bring this improvement to our region, and in doing so, prioritize transportation equity in the public investments that are made by the State of New York."

Bob Duffy, Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce President and CEO said, “We are grateful to the work Governor Hochul and the Legislature have done to invest in Upstate public transit systems, and we stand behind this effort to include funding for the Louise M. Slaughter Intermodal Station Phase II. The initiative will offer safer and more affordable transit options which will lead to an influx of visitors, additional options to get students and educators to and from our region’s 19 colleges and universities, and economic growth opportunities for new and existing businesses alike. Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce is proud to support this funding request, and once again extend our thanks to the Governor, Senator Cooney, and the partners working to make the Louise M. Slaughter Intermodal Station Phase II a reality.”

Eugene Berardi, Jr. President/Chief Operating Officer of Adirondack Trailways said, “We appreciate and strongly support Senator Cooney’s and the Rochester state legislative delegation’s effort to provide the funding that will enable the implementation of Phase II of the Louise Slaughter Intermodal Station. The completion of the Intermodal Station will be a crucial connection point in our regional network.”

Senator Cooney explained that as Congresswoman Louise Slaughter advocated and secured funds for the new Amtrak station (which opened in 2017), the plan was always to have a “Phase II” to include a bus terminal and make the station intermodal. In 2012, a temporary Trailways station was constructed across the street from the train station, but it has now been in operation for over a decade. Due to the size and set-up of the trailer, other bus companies are often forced to drop off passengers on the side of the street, creating an inconvenient and sometimes unsafe situation for people entering the city. Senator Cooney has been in discussions with the bus companies, like Trailways and Greyhound, who have expressed their support for the proposed project. 

Reconnect Rochester has been in the process of engaging the community to build support for the terminal. The organization is currently gathering signatures for a petition and has collected testimony from passengers during these conversations. Below are what some of these passengers have said about the current station: 


  • “Feels incredibly temporary and I don't like spending any time there. The current station makes me feel like a second class citizen.” 
  • “Just like the airport, this is a front door to our community. When people have a good impression on arrival, it sticks. When they have a poor impression, that also sticks.” 
  • “It would be nice if the ‘intermodal’ station was actually intermodal and I could catch both the train and the bus from one station.”  


The $15 million budget request would fund the entirety of the station’s construction. The Senator included his request in his budget priorities letter to Governor Hochul.