The New York Senate and Assembly Honor Dr. Julio A. Brache with Concurrent Resolutions; the Brache Family Attends the Chambers to Receive Honors

Brache Family

New York, NY – In a ceremony filled with emotion and gratitude, the New York State Senate, led by Senator Luis Sepúlveda, paid tribute to the Brache family with the unanimous approval of Resolution J1616 by all 63 senators. This historic resolution recognized the philanthropic efforts, business acumen, and community service of the late Dr. Julio A. Brache Arzeno and his family, marking an unprecedented honor for a Dominican family by New York's highest legislative body. 


The Senate floor welcomed as special guests the family of Dr. Brache: his wife, Elsa Álvarez Bonilla de Brache; his sons Pedro Brache, Executive President of Grupo Rica; Julio Virgilio Brache, President of Fundación Rica; Braulio Brache, Director of Exports at Grupo Rica, S.A.; and his daughters Elsa Julia Brache Álvarez and Carmen María Brache de Ríos. Each family member has continued Dr. Brache's legacy of dedication to service and philanthropy, impacting countless lives. 


Reflecting the Senate's recognition, the Assembly, led by Dominican Assembly Member Amanda Septimo, concurrently adopted Resolution K935, showcasing a collective acknowledgment of the Brache family's significant contributions. The Brache family was also honored guests in the New York Assembly, where they received accolades, marking a historic dual recognition in both legislative bodies for a Dominican philanthropic family. 


Senator Sepúlveda expressed his profound gratitude to his colleagues in both the Senate and Assembly for their fundamental roles in making this recognition possible. "Today's celebration goes beyond remembering an exceptional individual; it's about honoring the enduring legacy of a family committed to making a significant difference," said Senator Sepúlveda. "The unanimous passage of Resolution J1616 reflects the profound impact the Brache family has had on our community and beyond." 


Furthermore, the Senate issued Resolution J1729, celebrating the establishment of Fundación Rica as a symbol of community organization in New York that encapsulates the philanthropic spirit of the Brache family. Julio Virgilio Brache, President of Fundación Rica, accepted the resolution, highlighting the organization's role in embodying Dr. Brache's values. 


The visit of the Brache family and the concurrent legislative resolutions represent a historic first in New York, emphasizing the importance of recognizing those dedicated to improving society. 


Dr. Julio A. Brache Arzeno, who passed away on January 1, 2024, at the age of 96, was celebrated not only for his pioneering work in medicine and business but also for his compassionate leadership in founding Pasteurizadora Rica and developing Grupo Corporativo Rica, significantly benefiting the agricultural and business sectors of the Dominican Republic. His philanthropic work through Fundación Rica has profoundly uplifted communities, focusing on education, health, and social development. 


The simultaneous honors of Resolution J1616 by the Senate and Resolution K935 by the Assembly for the Brache family underline a momentous occasion, celebrating the legacy of a family that has left an indelible mark on both their homeland and New York.