New York State Senator Luis Sepulveda and Assemblymember Sam Berger Collaborate to Introduce Bill Combatting EBT Fraud

Sen Sepulveda

[New York, April 9, 2024] – New York State Senator Luis Sepúlveda, in collaboration with Assemblymember Sam Berger, has introduced bill S8918 amending the social services law, to combat Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) fraud by requiring automatic cancellation of EBT cards in cases of reported fraudulent activity. The bill has gained significant support from fellow legislators, including Senator Simcha Felder and Assemblymembers Brian Cunningham, Maritza Davila, Michaelle Solages, and Brian Maher. 


Assemblymember Sam Berger, serving as the lead sponsor in the Assembly, has been instrumental in driving forward this crucial initiative to protect vulnerable New Yorkers from financial exploitation. His steadfast commitment to justice and welfare has been pivotal in advancing this collaborative effort to address the critical gap in the current EBT system. 


The proposed legislation, spearheaded by Senator Sepúlveda and Assemblymember Berger, seeks to streamline the process for victims of EBT fraud, ensuring swift action and immediate relief. Under the current system, individuals who have had their benefits stolen face a cumbersome process of reporting the fraud, seeking reimbursement, and manually cancelling their compromised cards before obtaining a replacement. This bureaucratic maze not only adds unnecessary burden to victims but also leaves them vulnerable to further exploitation. 


Senator Sepúlveda emphasized the importance of bipartisan cooperation in addressing this pressing issue. "Assemblymember Berger's leadership and collaboration have been invaluable in driving forward this critical initiative," stated Senator Sepúlveda. "Together, we are working tirelessly to protect the interests of all New Yorkers and ensure justice for victims of EBT fraud." 


The bill, if passed, would require EBT systems to automatically cancel cards when fraudulent activity is reported, streamlining the process for victims and reducing the risk of ongoing exploitation. This proactive approach not only protects individuals but also safeguards taxpayer resources and strengthens the integrity of the social services system. 


Senator Sepúlveda and Assemblymember Berger urge swift action by their fellow legislators to pass this crucial legislation and deliver much-needed relief to vulnerable individuals across the state. 

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