Senator Mattera And Assemblyman Fitzpatrick Honors Local Carpenters for Their Volunteer Work at the Smithtown Emergency Food Pantry

Smithtown Pantry

In a heartwarming celebration of community service and dedication, Senator Mario R. Mattera (2nd Senate District) and Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick (8th Assembly District) recognized the selfless contributions of Carpenters Local 290 and Plumbers Local 200 in assisting the Smithtown Emergency Food Pantry.  Carpenters Local 290 members, led by Business Manager Anthony Villa and carpenters Martin West and Buddy Canepa, and Plumbers 200 members, led by Business Manager Richard Brooks, Business Agent Joseph Squicciarini and Organizer Ed Tedla, were instrumental in upgrading and beautifying the Panty, which has been a cornerstone organization dedicated to assisting families in need since 1984.

Through their donation of their exceptional skills and dedication, Carpenters Local 290 and Plumbers Local 200 members played a pivotal role in the installation of new shelving units and several fire-rated doors, which will significantly enhance the pantry's operations. These improvements will enable the Smithtown Emergency Food Pantry to continue its noble mission of providing essential food and basic needs to families with greater efficiency and safety.

The directors of the Smithtown Emergency Food Pantry expressed their profound gratitude towards the carpenters for their contributions, emphasizing the positive impact of their work on the community. Senator Mattera and Assemblyman Fitzpatrick also commended the carpenters for their commitment to building better communities through their craftsmanship and volunteerism.

"It's a privilege to recognize the outstanding efforts of Martin West, Buddy Canepa, and all members of Local 290. Their dedication to enhancing our community spaces, especially those that serve our most vulnerable, is truly commendable. We are inspired by their generosity and are reminded of the power of community service in making a significant difference,” stated Senator Mattera.

The event also served as a call to action for others in the community to come forward and contribute their time, skills, or resources to support local causes. Senator Mattera and his office are eager to shine a light on similar acts of kindness and encourage anyone involved in community service to share their stories.

For more information on how you can support the Smithtown Emergency Food Pantry, please contact them at 516.445.5597

About the Smithtown Emergency Food Pantry: Since 1984, the Smithtown Emergency Food Pantry has been dedicated to assisting families in need by providing food and basic essentials. The pantry accepts both food and monetary donations and is committed to serving the community with the support of volunteers and contributors.