Senator Gallivan's Votes for June 3-4, 2024

Jim Ranney

June 10, 2024

The following bills were approved in the NYS Senate.  Senator Gallivan's vote is noted.

S1736E  Amends section 378 of the executive law by adding subdivision 17-a. Standards require that new construction with dedicated off-street parking involving a garage, driveway, parking lot or other off-street parking have electric vehicle charging stations or electric vehicle ready parking spaces. NAY (Cost prohibitive.)

S1821 Requires school districts to screen for gifted and talented students; provides the parents or guardians of such students the option to opt out of such screening. AYE

S1890A This bill would establish Sickle cell centers for excellence and outpatient treatment centers. AYE

S2394B This bill would amend section 208 of the Civil Service Law to require that within 30 days, an employer provide notification of employment or promotion of applicable employees to organizations of state employees designated managerial or confidential for purposes of employee representation in determining the terms and conditions of employment. AYE

S2413C Provides for an annual adjustment for reimbursements for certain veterans funerals. This bill would allow the maximum amount to increase annually based on the rate of inflation with a minimum increase of 1% and a maximum increase of 4% in any given year. AYE

S2465C This bill expands health insurance requirements for mammography screening for occult breast cancer to require an additional screening including a mammogram where the provider finds risk and makes the recommendation. AYE

S3015 This bill increases civil penalties for automotive repair shops that fail to make restitution payments to customers who have been either: (1) grossly overcharged for certain repairs or adjustments; or (2) were grossly negligent in their performance of certain repairs or adjustments.  AYE

S3498 Amends the provision of law governing nursing home star ratings to require that each nursing home facility post its ratings for health inspections, staffing and quality measures, in additional to its overall CMS rating. AYE

S4268B  Directs the commissioner of health to establish a cannabis awareness program for youths age eighteen and younger designed to educate about the effects and risks associated with cannabis use, including that it is illegal for persons under the age of twenty-one. AYE

S4550B Enacts the "schools impacted by gross highways (SIGH) act"; prohibits the commissioner of education from approving the plans for the erection of any new schoolhouse within five hundred feet of a controlled access highway unless the commissioner of education determines that space limitations are so severe that there is no other site to erect such new schoolhouse. NAY (Overly broad, has the potential to increase the cost of both roadway and school construction.

S4936 Provides that all equipment used for the transmission and switching of radio signals for the provision of commercial mobile radio service or mobile internet access service no longer constitutes real property subject to the real property tax law. AYE

S5195B This bill removes the requirement that a veteran served during wartime to be granted certain benefits in the following areas of law 1) assistance from department of veterans services and local veterans' service agencies on provisions of federal , state and local laws affording special rights and privileges to veterans and their families, rather than war veterans and their families; 2) expands definition of veteran(so not limited by having served during time of war) for purposes of definition of veteran in under the social services law 3) eliminates service during time of war requirement for a severely disabled veteran to qualify to register for distinctive license plates under the vehicle and traffic law. AYE

S5214 Directs the commissioner of corrections and community supervision, in consultation with the commissioner of health and the commissioner of mental health, to develop a uniform electronic medical records system to be utilized by all correctional facilities in the state. AYE

S5669  Requires a study of the utilization of state government payments as an opportunity to transition unbanked and underbanked state residents into the banking system; requires a report shall be compiled and provided on the findings no later than eighteen months after the effective date of this act.  AYE

S5969A This bill would require DOH to allow medically fragile young adults who reside in pediatric specialized nursing facilities to remain at such facility after reaching the age of 21 and until they reach the age of 36. AYE

S6364 Expands the purposes of the Putnam Lake Volunteer Firemen's Benevolent Association to be to promote friendly association for the betterment of the members of the corporation. AYE

S6469A Designates a portion of the state highway system in the town of Montgomery, county of Orange, the "Steve Nicoli Memorial Highway". AYE

S6553A Authorizes Susan Gillinder, the widow of Robert C. Ritchie, to file a new service retirement application and an option election form on behalf of her deceased husband with the New York state and local employees' retirement system. AYE

S6624B Authorizes Congregation RSK to receive retroactive real property tax exempt status. AYE

S6709B COSPONSOR Enacts the "Lieutenant Joseph Banish mental health act" to provide a testimonial privilege for communications arising out of law enforcement peer support counseling. AYE

S6758A This bill would require the Commissioner of the Office of General Services (OGS) submit a report summarizing data related to the participation of individuals with disabilities on state contracts. AYE

S6766A  Grants retroactive tier IV membership in the New York city employees' retirement system to Ryan D. O'Connor. AYE

S6955A Provides that certain purchase contracts to purchase food can be awarded to a qualified bidder who fulfills certain values based procurement standards.  AYE

S7216C Establishes a tax on noise from non-essential helicopter and seaplane flights in cities with a population of one million or more. NAY

S7724B Requires each social services district to maintain a waiting list of eligible families who have applied for child care assistance. AYE

S8679A Requires maintained records for certain children to include whether they have a developmental disability; requires a study of the number of children in foster care who have a developmental disability. AYE

S8851 Enacts the "Seneca county water and sewer authority act"; establishes the Seneca county water and sewer authority district and the Seneca county water and sewer authority. AYE

S8855 Provides for the transfer of New York City board of education employees to the teachers' retirement system of the city of New York.  AYE

S9131 This bill would expand the temporary operator program to include nursing homes. NAY (Would duplicate and likely conflict with existing authorities for temporary operation of nursing facilities and could create a significant disincentive for facilities to seek access to state financial assistance programs to address the effects of inadequate Medicaid rates and rapidly rising costs)

S9198 This bill makes several significant changes to the current mechanisms for defendants to file motions seeking to have their conviction vacated. NAY

S9205 Expands disability benefits for firefighters who suffered any condition or impairment of health caused by endocrine/thyroid cancer. AYE

S9207 Amends the purposes and duties of the Volunteer and Exempt Firemen's Benevolent Association of Millwood, New York; makes certain technical corrections. AYE

S9259 This bill directs the women veterans coordinator to administer a veteran maternity care program to provide various numerous services including providing information to maternity care providers and expectant veterans regarding identifying and treating common mental and physical conditions experienced by veterans that can heighten the risk of pregnancy complications. AYE

S9301 Designates all that portion of the state and local highway system constituting route thirty-five between United States route two hundred two and state route one hundred as the "Purple Heart Trail". AYE

S9305A This bill authorizes the Town of Greenburgh in Westchester County to establish a Red-light Camera Monitoring System at no more than two (2) town-owned intersections within the Town limits. AYE

S9338 Designates a portion of the state highway system in the city of Rensselaer, county of Rensselaer, as the "CW2 Casey N. Frankoski Memorial Bridge". AYE

S9504A  This bill increases maximum penalties for a third or subsequent violation of passing a stopped school bus while discharging or receiving students with red lights flashing and stop arm activated to $1,500. AYE

S9518 This bill amends CPLR Þ902, which governs orders allowing class actions, to provide that a court shall not deny the certification of a class solely because the action involves government operations. AYE

S9530 Relates to the name of the Rockland County Solid Waste Authority; subjects such authority to regulation by the department of agriculture and markets; eliminates the ability of the authority to allow a subsidiary to perform certain functions relating to the care of unwanted animals. AYE

S9543A Grants David M. Sturtz, currently a village of Liverpool police officer and member of the New York state and local police and fire retirement system, service credit for his period of employment with the Onondaga County Sheriff's Department between October 14, 2002 and April 12, 2011. AYE

S9550 Increases the eligibility of admitted persons age 50 or older in general hospitals to receive immunizations against influenza virus. AYE

S9639A This bill requires the commissioner of education to maintain an internal registry of certain active investigations against certified individuals. AYE

S9645A Requires high schools to teach first aid instruction to students in grades nine through twelve. AYE

S9649 CHU Directs the commissioner of social services to study and report of the prevalence and threat of SNAP/EBT benefit fraud. AYE

S9674 GIANARIS This bill enacts the "criminal court opinion transparency act". NAY (Could place the safety of the public at risk (if information is not redacted) and costly to clerks and local governments.)

S9698 NYS HOMES AND COMMUNITY RENEWAL DEPARTMENTAL - Increases the New York state housing finance agency bonding authority to $34,380,000,000. AYE

S9707 Authorizes Chang Zhu to take the competitive civil service examination and be placed on the eligible civil service list for employment as a full-time police officer for the Mount Hope police department. AYE

S9760 Directs that statewide resources and information relating to safe storage of firearms, child access prevention and firearm violence prevention and information on county and local specific laws and regulations related to child access prevention and the safe storage of firearms shall be provided to individuals at the time of issuance of a firearm license; directs the commissioner of the division of criminal justice services to develop and implement a public awareness campaign on the safe storage of firearms, rifles and shotguns and child access and prevention.  AYE

S9764 Designates a portion of the highway system in Kings county as the "Fort Hamilton Veterans Memorial Highway". AYE

S9775A  Authorizes the dormitory authority to provide financing to the Mary Cariola Children's Center Inc. AYE

S9776 Extends the effectiveness of certain provisions relating to reporting data on child welfare preventive services to September 1, 2027. AYE

S9777 Extends the reporting deadline of the advisory panel on employee-owned enterprises from June 30, 2024 to June 30, 2025. AYE

S9786 Extends provisions relating to the residential care off-site facility demonstration project until June 30, 2027. AYE

S158E Establishes the New York Health Information Privacy Act to require that it is unlawful for a regulated entity from selling an individual’s regulated health information to a 3rd party or otherwise process an individual’s regulated health information. AYE

S362A This legislation seeks to increase transparency in the private education loan market. The bill imposes new notification and information requirements that loan lenders and debt collectors will need to provide to borrowers and cosigners in servicing private education loans. AYE

S1646 This bill eliminates the authority of the justices of the appellate division to include in their questionnaire for applicants for admission to the state bar questions that require the disclosure of the applicants history of interaction with law enforcement or the criminal justice system if such interaction: 1) is no longer pending and did not result in a conviction; 2) resulted in a juvenile proceeding or youthful offender adjudication; or 3) resulted in a conviction which is now sealed. NAY

S6335B Authorizes the Syracuse Hancock International Airport to hire and promote employees on a permanent basis. AYE

S2924A Establishes the Marshall plan for moms interagency task force to examine, issue proposals and make recommendations on multiple policy areas to address the disproportionate burden mothers have weathered from the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. AYE

S5448A Requires the chief of every police department, each county sheriff, and the superintendent of state police to report to the federal bureau of investigation's national use of-force data collection program. NAY

S6924 Amends the railroad law. This requires every RR corporation which operates any freight train in the state to inform division of homeland security and emergency services, department of environmental conservation, and department of transportation about freight trains transporting hazardous materials prior to traveling on tracks in the state. AYE

S1571 Requires the ethics commission of the unified court system to post each state-paid judge's annual financial disclosures on the ethics commission's public website for five years beginning with filings made on January 1, 2018. AYE

S7475 The bill amends the provisions of the Estates Powers and Trusts Law to provide that the trustees of charitable trusts shall be compensated on the same basis as trustees of private trusts. AYE

S612D Prohibits conflicts of interest among board of elections employees; prevents a board of elections employee with the exception of members of a county committee and district leaders from remaining on the board of elections payroll while also a candidate for an office who has an election overseen by the board at which they are employed; allows for a member to remain on the board until 90 days before the general election if there is no primary for such office. AYE

S8547 Directs the department of environmental conservation to conduct a study of ecological restoration needs of Jamaica Bay; imposes a five-year moratorium on placing sediment or fill in the borrow pits in Jamaica Bay. AYE

S8687 Amends Criminal Procedure Law to make accusatory instruments and/or supporting depositions made by a deponent in a language other than English to be insufficient unless such documents are filed in the deponent’s native language with an affidavit from an interpreter or the writing in English from the translator with supporting affidavit. NAY (Onerous on law enforcement agencies. Highly technical.)

S3459 Amends the alcoholic beverage control law to allow brewery supply stores to sell NYS labelled beer for off premises consumption. AYE

S6341C Establishes harassment of a child in the 1st degree (a class A misdemeanor) when the perpetrator intentionally or knowingly harasses, annoys or alarms a child or a child's parent or guardian; establishes a private right of action for harassment of a child. AYE

S2798B Allows service contract providers to demonstrate financial responsibility pursuant to NY Insurance Law 7903(c)(1) by using "default" service contract reimbursement insurance policies and by procuring multiple policies of service contract reimbursement insurance. AYE

S3234A This bill prohibits health insurers from excluding coverage solely on the basis of the gender indicated on the claim form or that the gender indicated is different from the insured's sex assigned at birth or otherwise recorded, or because the insured is not of the gender to whom a service is provided. The bill is applicable to both the individual and group markets. AYE

S1970 This bill would prevent the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision from withholding merit time allowances because an inmate failed to complete a program because of circumstances beyond the inmate’s control. NAY (Unnecessary.)

S8692A Authorizes Madison and Oneida county jails to be used for the detention of individuals detained and imprisoned under the authority and jurisdiction of the Oneida Indian Nation court pursuant to a county-tribal detention agreement. AYE

S8806 Waives the residency requirement for the comptroller and building inspector in the town of Chester, county of Orange.  AYE

S5329E COSPONSOR Clarifies the operations of the Office of the Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG) with respect to audit and recovery of medical assistance payments to providers or recipients. AYE

S8500A Creates a pilot program under the Department of State and DHCR for cities to assess emergency repairs to buildings that are in violation of the cities code and have not undertaken repairs in a reasonable period of time and would authorize the city to charge property owners for the cost of the repair. AYE

S4973A This bill would amend the Labor Law to expand the definition of wages in the context of wage theft to include payment of wages to include compensation that is not payable solely at the employer's discretion, such as bonuses. AYE

S160B Amends Judiciary Law and repeals section 52 of the Civil Rights Law to allow for video recordings of all judicial proceedings, except when the presiding judge or justice prohibits it for certain participants for safety and the fair administration of justice or if the courtroom is order closed to the public. AYE

S6285 This bill would amend current law to make it easier for cemetery corporations to access funds from their permanent maintenance fund, by adopting standards that conform with the uniform not-for-profit standard of the Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act. AYE

S5970 Provides that facilities receiving funding from the office of addiction services and supports be designed and constructed in a manner that promotes privacy while bathing, sleeping, using restrooms, and receiving individual counseling services, while also allowing for maximization of the use of such facilities. AYE

S7744D Requires retailers to affix a notice on any bicycles with electric assist and micromobility devices which states that you cannot use such device on sidewalks or on highways with speed limits over 30 MPH, except where allowed by local law. AYE

S7746B Requires any dealer where lithium-ion batteries, bicycles with electric assist, micromobility devices and limited use motorcycles are sold at retail or repaired, and/or lithiumion electric batteries are housed in a storage facility to maintain functional fire protection and suppression measures effective against lithium-ion battery and electrical fires, including but not limited to Class B extinguishers, battery cases, and automatic monitoring and detection.  AYE

S7524 This bill expands e-filing to all civil and criminal courts in NYS. NAY (Unfunded mandate on local government courts.)

S4061A Requires that websites providing incarcerated individual information be searchable by the incarcerated individual's name, former name or alias. AYE

S8505 Provides for the incorporation of the Bedford Hills Fire Department Benevolent Association and for its powers and duties. AYE

S9140 Directs the department of health to conduct a study relating to opening a new hospital in southeast Queens; requires the department of health to deliver a copy of the findings of the study conducted and any legislative recommendations to the governor and the legislature. AYE

S9377A Extends certain provisions relating to authorizing New York city marshals to exercise the same functions, powers and duties as sheriffs with respect to the execution of money judgments of the supreme and family courts of the city of New York. AYE

S1910 Provides that the Port Authority Police Department shall operate a youth services unit at any bus terminal and airport operated by the authority, at all Port Authority Trans-Hudson stations and at the World Trade Center. AYE

S7985C Establishes air quality standards for lead in ambient air, soil-lead hazard standards for lead-contaminated soil, and dust-lead hazard standards and dust-lead clearance levels for floors and windows and window troughs. AYE

S3036A Provides for the licensure of school psychologists; authorizes the use of the title "school psychologist" to licensed or exempt individuals; defines practice of school psychology; sets forth requirements for professional licensure; provides for issuance of limited permits under specified circumstances; identifies exempt persons. AYE

S9416 Extends expiration from July 2024 to July 2025 for: the sale of bonds and notes of the city of New York, the issuance of bonds or notes with variable rates of interest, interest rate exchange agreements of the city of New York, the selling of bonds at private sale, the refunding of bonds, and the down payment for projects financed by bonds. AYE

S6534 Establishes an online insurance verification system for motor vehicle insurance; requires insurers to provide necessary information. AYE

S9237 This bill extends the City of White Plains' Red-Light Camera Monitoring program until December 1st, 2029. This program was set to expire on December 1st, 2024. AYE

S9262 Designates the bridge over the Sagtikos Parkway constituting the Crooked Hill Road Overpass in the town of Islip, county of Suffolk, the "Senior Investigator Thomas M. O'Neil Memorial Bridge". AYE

S5532 Establishes the LGBTQ+ advisory board to make recommendations, conduct research, and more regarding the LGBTQ+ community in New York state. AYE

S6733 COSPONSOR This bill would expand telehealth services to any facility licensed under article 28 of the public health law that is eligible to be designated or has a designation as a federally qualified health center (FQHC) under federal law including those facilities that are also licensed under article 31 or 32 of the mental hygiene law.  AYE

S8486C COSPONSOR Provides Medicaid reimbursement to ambulance services when responding to an emergency call and administers treatment in place (by an employee or volunteer of such ambulance service); and/or transports an individual to an alternative care setting. AYE

S8141A Relates to a license to sell liquor at retail for consumption on certain premises in the Town and Village of Mount Kisco, County of Westchester.  AYE

S8971 Waives the residency requirement for appointed public officers employed by Putnam county provided that such person resides in the state of New York.  AYE

S9273 Authorizes the county of Albany to levy hotel and motel taxes on short-term rentals; expands the definitions of hotel and motel to include any facility consisting of rentable units that provides lodging on an overnight basis. NAY (Tax increase.)

S546 GIANARIS Enacts the "NYCHA utility accountability act"; requires the NYCHA to provide a rent reduction to tenants who experience a disruption in utility service. NAY 

S5405 Makes certain state lands in the towns of Albion, Amboy, Boylston, Constantia, Parish, West Monroe and Williamstown, in the county of Oswego subject to taxation for all purposes.  AYE

S6163A Authorizes the Maimonides Educational Center to file an application for exemption from real property taxes. AYE

S6318A Enacts the "cellular mapping act"; requires the public service commission to review cellular services within the state; requires the expansion of cellular services. AYE

S6458 Provides that in the event child protective services receives a duplicate report on an open case that has not been founded, indicated or referred to services, such duplicate report shall merge with the open case and remain open an additional thirty days for further investigation. AYE

S6504A Adds to the Department’s health care and wellness education and outreach program information related to Alzheimer’s disease and other related dementias; including identification of dementia in health care facilities, community support services, respite and care management. AYE

S6548 Directs the commissioner of transportation to waive the annual security deposit fee specified in Use and Occupancy Permit No. 82771 issued to the Bedford Hills Fire District, Town of Bedford, Westchester County allowing for the use of approximately 4,000 square feet of state land for parking for volunteer firefighter members of the Bedford Hills Fire District. AYE

S7410A Grants retroactive membership with Tier IV status in the New York state and local employees' retirement system to Dawn Ward. AYE

S7707A Designates a portion of the state highway system as the "Medford FD Commissioner Neil Marturiello Memorial Bridge" in the town of Brookhaven, county of Suffolk. AYE

S8101A Designates the bridge crossing over the Chaumont river on state route 12E in the village of Chaumont, county of Jefferson, as the "Michael J. Finerson Memorial Bridge". AYE

S8152A Provides that a caregiver shall be eligible for assistance for child care under the child care block grant regardless of the hours the parent actually works. NAY

S8411 Deems an application filed with the New York state and local police and fire retirement system by the widow of Paul C. Adam as timely filed. AYE

S8508 Authorizes the issuing of a retail liquor license to a business in the City of Saratoga Springs, in Saratoga County. AYE

S8894A WEBER Authorizes the village of Haverstraw to discontinue the use as parkland and alienate certain lands. AYE

S8909 Extends limitations on the shift between classes of taxable property in the town of Clarkstown, county of Rockland for an additional year. AYE

S8997 This bill would allow fire districts in Suffolk County that participate in the New York State and Local Employees' Retirement System to elect to provide individuals employed in the title of emergency medical technician, advanced emergency medical technician, critical care technician, or paramedic, and supervisors of these titles, the option to retire upon completion of twenty five years of creditable service with a benefit of one-half of final average salary (FAS) and an additional benefit of one-sixtieth of FAS for each year of creditable service in excess of twenty-five years. AYE

S9076 This bill would amend Article 10 of the General Municipal Law as it pertains to special death benefits for NYC fire fighters and police officers. AYE

S9278 This bill would allow the New York City Council to amend the cap on the maximum class growth rate as long as it does not exceed 5 percent for fiscal year 2025. AYE

S9418 Extends the effectiveness of certain provisions dealing with tax exemptions for rent regulated properties occupied by senior citizens and persons with disabilities until 2026. AYE

S9704 Extends limitations on the shift between classes of taxable property in the town of Orangetown, County of Rockland for the 2024--2025 assessment rolls. AYE

S9709 extends the effectiveness of joint bidding on contracts for public work projects in New York City. AYE

S9710 Extends the effectiveness of certain provisions of the coordinated construction act for lower Manhattan relating to joint bidding on contracts for public work projects. AYE

S9718 This bill would require all resurfacing, maintenance, or pavement recycling projects to be completed utilizing complete street design features. NAY

S9736 Extends the effectiveness of certain provisions relating to the establishment of certain water charges for hospitals and charities in New York city. AYE

S9739 Extends certain provisions relating to the membership composition of the metropolitan transportation authority board until 2028. AYE

S365B Enacts the New York privacy act to require companies to disclose their methods of de-identifying personal information, to place special safeguards around data sharing and to allow consumers to obtain the names of all entities with whom their information is shared. NAY

S489A Establishes a comprehensive electric vehicle fast charging station implementation plan; requires the New York state energy and research development authority to further establish a "Fast Charge NY working group" to develop such plan; makes related provisions. AYE

S895B Requires social media companies to post terms of service for each social media platform owned or operated by the company in a manner reasonably designed to inform all users of the social media platform of the existence and contents of the terms of service; requires social media companies to submit to the attorney general certain terms of service reports; provides remedies for violations. NAY (Government overreach on business. Restricts free speech.)

S962 This bill establishes a state university-based center for "employee ownership," provides $100M in loan authority to the Job Development Authority, and provides a capital gains tax exemption for the sale of stock to an employee owned businesses. AYE

S1211 Requires the inclusion of diversity and inclusion training in the basic training and pre-employment course curricula for state police officers and municipal police officers and sheriffs, members of fire departments and companies, corrections officers, first responders, emergency medical technicians and advanced emergency medical technicians.  AYE

S2659B Provides that a business must provide notification of a data breach within 15 days of such breach; includes the department of financial services to the list of entities that must be notified of a data breach that affects any New York resident. AYE

S4412B Establishes a license to sell liquor at retail for consumption on premises in a cigar lounge; defines "cigar lounge"; requires cigar lounges to provide written notification warning employees of the dangers of exposure to tobacco smoke. AYE

S5615 Directs that state agencies require that procurement of personal computing goods, services and solutions meet the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework. AYE

S7212A Authorizes the Knickerbocker Greys program to access and use for a permanent headquarters the seventh regiment armory for the purposes of programming during periods which are not periods of civil or military emergency. AYE

S9247 Permits the Fulton city school district to establish an insurance reserve fund. AYE

S9393 Authorizes the county of Monroe to convey appropriate instruments to EH Henrietta Solar 1 LLC and EH Henrietta Solar 2 LLC for an easement across Lehigh Valley Trail Park, for ingress and egress to and from the project site and installation of a medium voltage cable; makes related provisions. AYE

S9643A This bill would provide a "tied-house" exemption for Laduree, a French pastry house. AYE

S9706 This bill would provide a tied house exemption for a retail licensee in the Bronx. AYE

S9748 Extends the temporary "commission to prevent childhood drowning" to improve water safety in New York state another year. AYE

S9749 Extends provisions related to the creation of a state information technology innovation center until June 30, 2028. AYE

S9756 Extends provisions authorizing hunting big game by rifle in the county of Tompkins until 2026. AYE

S9767 Extends certain provisions relating to expanded polystyrene foam container and polystyrene loose fill packaging ban and relating to moneys collected for violations of such ban to January 1, 2030. AYE

S9768 Extends certain provisions of law relating to requiring regulations to permit tuition waivers for certain firefighters and fire officers for CUNY until July 1, 2026. AYE

S502 Provides for expungement of a conviction for an offense related to criminally possessing a hypodermic instrument. NAY

S885C Regulates short-term residential rentals by creating a registration system for such rentals and allowing for the collection of sales and occupancy tax generated from such rentals to the state and local governments. NAY

S2094A Authorizes the town of Southampton, county of Suffolk, to enact by local law a homestead exemption; provides that such exemption shall not exceed $50,000 in full assessed value. AYE

S2708A Requires the installation of climb deterrent fencing on all bridges under the jurisdiction of the New York State Bridge Authority. AYE

S4249 Authorizes the towns of Harmony and North Harmony in Chautauqua County to elect a single town justice to preside in the town courts of such towns. AYE

S4400C Requires each institution within the state university of New York and the city university of New York offering in person student instruction to have at least one vending machine making emergency contraception available for purchase. NAY

S5868B Relates to prevailing wage requirements applicable to brownfield remediation work performed under private contract as it relates to certain remediation activities, for sites that are seeking or have received a determination that the site is eligible for the tangible property credit component of the brownfield redevelopment tax credit, and the work is paid for in whole or in part by public funds. AYE

S6044B This bill establishes the fetal and infant mortality review board to review fetal and infant deaths and fetal and infant mortality and morbidity. AYE

S6523A Requires the department of veterans' services to collaborate with other state agencies to establish and maintain a database on the department's website providing resources available in the state for veterans and their families. AYE

S6748B This bill would specify that any actions or practices which attempt to establish a monopoly or monopsony are illegal and void. NAY (May unintentionally apply to and hurt medium sized corporations.)

S6936 Grants access to patient or client records for the Board of Professional Medical Conduct for the purpose of investigation and prosecution of professional licensing and misconduct proceedings. AYE

S7000B Clarifies the responsibility of school districts for certain temporary-resident preschool children with disabilities who are in foster care, are homeless or are in residential care. AYE

S7071A Authorizes the county of Steuben to offer an optional twenty-five year retirement plan to Erica M. McCoy, a deputy sheriff employed by such county. AYE

S7105 Establishes the power plant tax assessment challenge reserve fund to prevent increases in the Northport-East Northport union free school district's real property tax levy and/or tax rate resulting from decreases in revenue or taxes or a significant shift in tax liability due to a tax certiorari settlement or judgment; defines terms; makes related provisions. AYE

S7288B Provides that for treatment of substance use disorder, an insured shall only be responsible for annual deductibles and coinsurance and that the total amount that an insured shall be required to pay out-of-pocket is capped out at an amount not to exceed five hundred dollars for an episode of care. NAY (Financial impact.)

S7379 Ensures that certain members of the New York Air National Guard, New York Army National Guard, New York Naval Militia, and New York Guard who participated in World Trade Center rescue, recovery, or cleanup operations are honored for their service and afforded veteran status under New York state law. AYE

S7447 Allows the court to enter an order regarding a destitute minor freeing the child for adoption and granting guardianship and custody to the commissioner of social services for the purposes of consenting to an adoption; authorizes certain commissioners of public welfare and city public welfare officers to consent to such adoptions. AYE

S7449 add general hospitals to the list of entities that may access projects and services ("Energy Services") offered by the New York Power Authority ("NYPA") under Public Authorities Law ("PAL") § 1005(17). AYE

S7472A Authorizes the county of Nassau assessor to accept an application for a real property tax exemption from 786 Muhammadi Masjid, Inc. for certain school and general taxes. AYE

S7777A Provides an option on dog registration applications for voluntary contributions to animal shelters. AYE

S7806B Requires the office of parks, recreation and historic preservation to establish design standards for greenway trails and to manage applications for greenway trails. AYE

S7823B Allows OTDA to implement an electronic benefit transfer system utilizing industry-standard commercial electronic funds transfer technology. AYE

S8197 Directs the superintendent of financial services to create a private education debt registry which shall contain information and documentation relating to loans issued by creditors including interest rates and copies of the notes and instruments used by such creditors for education loans. NAY (Insufficient info from loan industry.)

S8408 Allows a beneficiary of a member whose death occurs on or after July 1, 2024 and who would have been entitled to a service credit at the time of such member's death to elect to receive a lump sum payment equal to the pension reserve that would have been established had the member retired on the date of such member's death. AYE

S8479A This bill would introduce regulations regarding merchant category codes for firearms and ammunition businesses, requiring payment card networks (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) to provide a specific code for businesses selling firearms and ammunition to merchant acquirers (companies that handle payments for these merchants) by November 1, 2024. NAY

S8714A Grants peace officer status to certain security officers employed by Rochester Regional Health or its subsidiaries, on or adjacent to the grounds, buildings or property owned, controlled, or administered by Rochester Regional Health. AYE

S8777A To allow season long proposition bets and future award winners bets to be considered a authorized sports wager. AYE

S8849A Relates to requiring CPR and AED training by youth league coaches; requires youth league coaches to be trained in adult and child CPR and the use of an automated external defibrillator; provides current coaches have one year from the effective date of the law to receive such training; provides that a person who is unable to complete a training due to a physical disability may coach as long as a person who has completed a training is present at all times. AYE

S8873A Excludes food sold to a student purchasing a meal using an approved donation program of funds or food points from sales tax. AYE

S8917A Requires any website or mobile application associated with an electronic benefit transfer system to be offered in the ten most common non-English languages spoken by individuals with limited-English proficiency in the state of New York, based on United States census data. AYE

S8933A This bill requires DOH to provide all written materials regarding the revocation or suspension of an adult care facility to the following: the Governor, office of the state comptroller, the office of the attorney general, members of the state assembly and senate representing the municipality in which the facility is located, the chief executive officer and local legislative bodies. AYE

S8960 This bill would make the hearing officers determination about an employee's inability to perform their duties due to a disability binding. AYE

S9043A Implements a residential parking system in the village of Port Chester. AYE

S9061A Authorizes the county of Nassau assessor to accept an application for a real property tax exemption from St. Gregorios Malankara Orthodox Church Queens, Inc. for portions of the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 assessment rolls. AYE

S9171 Requires the public posting of certain emergency and exempted contracts which are otherwise subject to the approval of the state comptroller.  AYE

S9410 Authorizes the state comptroller to establish an abandoned property expedited payment program. AYE

S9422 Would authorize temporary retail permit holders to purchase alcoholic beverages on credit. AYE

S9481 Authorizes stand-alone business interruption insurance. AYE

S9569A Creates the Albany County pine hills land authority to transition the future use of facilities of the College of Saint Rose in a way to promote and stimulate economic development in the county of Albany and city of Albany; makes related provisions. AYE

S9695 Provides access to representation for adults in child protective proceedings of the family court who are financially eligible as determined by the chief administrator of the courts; provides access by attorneys for adults and children to records of the statewide registry of child abuse and maltreatment. AYE

S9696 This bill would allow the right to counsel in certain family court proceedings regarding violations of orders of child support and to establish paternity or parentage in the family court. AYE

S9699A This would expand the Access to Home program grant funding to include repairs to homes as long as the repairs pertain to the habitability of the property. Funds for eligible repairs cannot exceed 60% of the total grant funding. AYE

S9700 This bill authorizes the State to fund scholarship and grant programs with the State's 529 College Choice Tuition Savings Plan. AYE

S9711 Authorizes the department of taxation and finance to disclose certain information to the department of environmental conservation or the New York state energy research and development authority for the purpose of implementing the New York state climate leadership and community protection act. NAY (Privacy/proprietary)

S9712 Relates to the filing of objections to support magistrate determinations in child support, paternity and parentage proceedings in family court and to the time-limit for appeals in all categories of family court cases. AYE

S9730 Provides that the annual maintenance allowance received by a court employee in the court clerk title series who is required to wear an employer-approved blazer while performing official duties shall not be part of the employee's salary but shall be pensionable. AYE

S9743 Renames the New York state musical instrument revolving fund to the New York state music grant fund; directs that monies of the fund shall be used to provide assistance for grants to not-for-profit symphony orchestras and/or other not-forprofit musical entities incorporated in the state and organized for the purpose of the presentation of performing arts for the benefit of the public; removes certain guidelines. AYE

S9745 This bill would amend the Family Court Act concerning notices provided to respondents in child abuse and neglect proceedings in family court. AYE

S9763 Relates to when a referendum is required when a village has provided that village elections shall occur on the same day as the general election.  AYE

S9785 This bill allows for SCRIE, DRIE, SCHE, and DHE applicants to submit their most recently available tax returns for the purpose of determining eligibility for the program. AYE

S9787  It provides for definitions of mental health and family and youth peer and requires the office of mental health establish peer service qualification programs. AYE

S9790 Relates to Gold Star families; provides for the equitable treatment for all parents, spouses and minor children of service members who are killed in action and family members of service members killed during peacetime. AYE

S9791 Prevents pension poaching by attorneys, law firms, screeners, and class action consolidators seeking to represent veterans filing claims under the Camp Lejeune Justice Act by requiring disclosure of the likelihood of an offset against VA compensation benefits by the amount of any award or settlement. AYE

S9806 The bill promotes responsible gambling, provides a clear legal framework for handling self-exclusion violations, and ensures that forfeited funds are directed to appropriate state accounts, contributing to public welfare. AYE

S9807 Authorizes the state to exchange parcels of land located in the city of Yonkers, county of Westchester, with 140 Warburton LLC for land of equal or greater value. AYE

S9818 Implement the terms of an agreement entered into pursuant to Article 14 of the Civil Service Law (the "Agreement") between the executive branch of the State of New York ("State") and the employee organization which represents members of the collective negotiating unit designated as the Agency Police Services Unit ("APSU"). AYE

S9819 Implements the provisions of a collective bargaining agreement binding the state of New York and the New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association, Inc. ("NYSCOPBA"), representing members of the collective negotiating unit designated as the Security Services Unit for the period covering April 1, 2023 through March 31, 2025. AYE

S9820 Provides for compensation, benefits and other terms and conditions of employment of state officers and employees who are the members of the security supervisors unit; increases salary payable to certain officers and employees; authorizes funding of joint labor-management committees; implements an agreement between the state and the employee organization representing the members of the security supervisors unit. AYE

S9821 Implement the terms of an agreement entered into pursuant to Article 14 of the Civil Service Law (the "Agreement") between the executive branch of the State of New York ("State") and the employee organization which represents members of the collective negotiating unit designated as the Rent Regulation Services Unit (the "RRSU"). AYE

S8188 Requires the New York state energy research and development authority conduct a study on Brooklyn College constructing a micro-grid to study the feasibility, efficiency, and energy saving costs if such a micro-grid was constructed on campus. AYE

S5656 This bill would amend section 21.00 (Serial bonds) of the Local Finance Law. This bill would make the issuance of bonds by local governments, which have been repeatedly extended over more than 20 years, permanent. AYE (Helpful to local governments.)

S130 Amends the Emergency Tenant Protection Act of 1974, adding a new section 5-b, requiring that a Rent Stabilized unit be occupied as a primary residence by a natural person. If the tenant is a corporate or other entity, the occupant must be a natural person who is a current or retired employee of the entity. AYE

S8402A Enacts the "go green schools act" to assist school districts in converting to renewable energy sources as a primary source of energy; directs NYSERDA to conduct a study and make recommendations for such purpose. AYE

S7836A Requires the director of the division of minority and women's business development in the department of economic development to give additional time for a business enterprise to cure defects in its application for certification or correct defects when a certification is revoked. AYE

S7392A This bill clarifies the definition of "qualified product" under the statute governing the sale, manufacturing, importing, and marketing of firearms to identify the language contained within 15 USC 7903 (4), which states that such term means firearm (as defined in subparagraph (A) or (B) of section 921(a)(3) of title 18), including any antique firearm (as defined in section 921(a)(16) of such title), or ammunition (as defined in section 921(a)(17)(A) of such title), or a component part of a firearm or ammunition. Said definition does not include the provision "that has been shipped or transported in interstate or foreign commerce". NAY

S7936 This bill would require DOCCS to study gender disparity in resources provided to incarcerated individuals to include what resources are made available to such individuals; the amount of such resources for each gender; the reasons for any disparities between the amount of such resources made available for each gender; and any other related information deemed relevant by the department. AYE

S7933 Authorizes the department of environmental conservation to independently add to the lists of prohibited and regulated invasive species on an emergency basis pending review by the department of agriculture and markets in consultation with the New York invasive species council. AYE

S7932 Adds hazardous air quality to the state definition of a disaster; requires explicit inclusion of air quality emergency preparedness in local comprehensive emergency management plans with an action plan and annual inventory of air quality emergency resources. AYE

S6417 Provides for review of bail data reports by the state commission on judicial conduct to study such reports for evidence of bias or prejudice by any judge or justice, and where appropriate based on such reports, to initiate, investigate, and hear complaints and otherwise comment on matters of bias and prejudice evidenced therein. NAY (Data lacking. Statistics not only criteria for sufficient evaluation.)

S7808A Directs the State and City universities of New York board of trustees to develop a plan by June 1, 2025 to be made available to students enrolled in the academic year 2025- 2026 that defines approved experiential learning activities and considers the feasibility of implementing an experiential learning degree requirement. AYE

S1892 This bill adds the unlawful purchase or sale of ammunition to the offense of Criminal Purchase or Disposal of a Weapon and renames the offense Criminal Purchase or Disposal of a Weapon or Ammunition. NAY

S4818 This bill establishes a 10 day waiting period for the purchase of any firearm. NAY

S2284 Requires firearms manufacturers who sell or distribute firearms in NYS report to DCJS the number of firearms they manufacture and sell on an annual basis. NAY (Manufacturers have no way of knowing how many guns end up going to people and how many are sitting on the shelves in gun stores.)

S4352A Authorizes retail licenses to sell liquor for on-premises consumption at airline lounges located within an airport and owned, leased, or operated by a United States certified airline. AYE

S5936A Requires review of all motor vehicle repair shop applicants which includes community input in the city of New York. NAY

S8431 Requires that nuisance wildlife control operators disclose to the client, in writing, that euthanasia may be used to resolve a wildlife related problem. NAY

S8843A This bill establishes the local input in community healthcare act. The bill includes provisions requiring written notification of a proposed closure of a general hospital or unit (a portion of a general hospital that offers emergency, maternity and mental health or substance use services or other hospital or health-related service of a hospital, if proposed closure would result in reduction or unavailability of services in the hospital’s service area or county where it is located) of a general hospital must be provided no later than 275 days prior to the proposed closure to the Department of Health (DOH) and the following parties: health care providers, labor unions, local, state and federal legislative representatives, the attorney general, the county executive, mayor, town supervisor and in NYC the borough president and community board for the district in which the hospital or unit is located. NAY (Will hamper efforts to remain open during the closure or downsizing process.)

S6810 Establishes that DOCCS create a program to purchase fresh produce from farms located in NYS and distribute such fresh produce to correctional facilities to be utilized in the food served to incarcerated individuals. AYE

S7646 Requires DOCCS to designate a person, in consultation with non-profit providers and in conjunction with a wrongfully convicted individual, to develop and offer such individual a discharge plan. AYE

S7938 This is a study bill requiring DCJS to review and report to the Governor and the legislature on gender disparity in sentencing outcomes.  AYE

S1470 COSPONSOR Provides that no policy of group accident, group health or group accident and health shall impose copayments for physical or occupational therapy greater than the copay for similar services provided by a physician. AYE

S2063A Provides coverage for scalp cooling systems used to preserve hair during cancer chemotherapy treatment. AYE

S7577A COSPONSOR Addresses non-covered dental services by prohibiting insurers from including in a contract or agreement with a dentist requirements to set fees or require approval fees for services not covered under a person's dental plan; prohibits medical expense indemnity corporations, dental expense indemnity corporations and health service corporations from including in a contract or agreement with a dentist requirements to set fees or require approval fees for services not covered under a person's dental plan. AYE

S8143 Amends section 4326 of the insurance law to expand its applicability to qualifying small dental employers, defined as a dental practice with fifty or fewer employees that employs at least two dental hygienists and where each and every dentist in the practice provides at least ten dental office visits per month to patients receiving medical assistance coverage. AYE

S8889 Allows property insurers to provide their insureds with loss prevention devices such as water detection shut off valves and fire suppression systems at no or reduced costs pursuant to regulations promulgated by the Department of Financial Services. AYE

S4880C Requires the NYS DOH, in conjunction with OASAS, to establish a new drug checking services program that is to provide, or authorize local governments to provide, drug checking services (to determine the contents of a drug, including contaminants, toxic substances or hazardous compounds) to people who use drugs. NAY (Reducing the number of drug overdose and fatalities is vitally important, however providing legal safeguards to illegal drug users is problematic)

S7096 This bill relates to awards to employees who prevail in actions on kick-back claims. AYE

S8589A Amends the definition of "petitioner" under New York State's Extreme Risk Protection Order statute to replace police officer with police agency. AYE

S7982A Prohibits termination of electricity or heat service during forecasts of more than ninety-five degrees or less than thirty-two degrees. AYE

S8979 Requires electric vehicle charging stations and electric vehicle capable parking spaces to have handicap accessible spaces that are large enough to accommodate such wheelchair accessible electric vehicles, including but not limited to, vans and minivans. AYE

S8632A Requires an attending health care practitioner of a patient with a terminal illness or condition, to provide the patient with information and counseling regarding the benefits of completing a health care proxy and appointing a health care agent. AYE

S9067A Directs the Department to require each general hospital and residential health care facility to develop and implement a pressure ulcer (bed sores) prevention program. AYE

S8717 Provides for the certification of entities seeking to provide in-home based substance use disorder treatment services. AYE

S9246 Requires boards of visitors provide greater transparency to the public regarding such boards' activities including when it meets and providing materials to the public. AYE

S2078B This legislation would prohibit landlords from requiring tenants to use application-based entry systems. NAY (Limits landlord rights.)

S7731A GALLIVAN Requires that release mechanism standards be developed by the state fire prevention and building code council based on internationally recognized standards. AYE

S8647A Authorizes the granting of an additional real property tax exemption for certain redevelopment company projects within the county of Nassau. AYE

S6817 Modifies the requirements for financial disclosures for certain state and legislative officials, officers and employees to delete expired provisions. AYE

S9138 Establishes the interagency elder justice task force consisting of representatives of state agencies whose work involves elder justice to create greater collaboration and develop overarching strategies, systems, and programs with a goal of protecting older adults from abuse and mistreatment. AYE

S9147B Requires the commissioner of education to establish uniform statewide protocols for diapering and toileting of students in public schools. AYE

S9100 Includes water-works corporations in the definition of "utility corporation" for purposes of automated identification of OTDA assistance program participants; provides for automated identification of OTDA assistance program participants for participation in water service affordability programs. AYE

S2464B Requires car washes to disclose when promotions expire as well as any costs which will be incurred upon the expiration of such promotion and how often such costs will be incurred upon someone taking part in such promotion. NAY 

S2744A Increases the allowance amount of jury duty pay to $72 per day (up from $40) for every day of physical attendance when the court convenes pursuant to the limitations of section 519 of the judiciary law. NAY

S7054B Provides that the family court act provisions governing a parents duty to support their child do not apply when a child is placed in foster care pursuant to a court order, except when child was subjected to severe and repeated child abuse.  NAY (Personal responsibility.)

S9070 Prohibits residential landlords from charging tenants with fees for the payment of rent through an automated clearing house or online payment system. NAY

S7297C Establishes the homeownership protection program; provides that the department of law shall establish the homeownership protection program to ensure the availability of free housing counseling and legal services to homeowners for the purposes of mitigating threats to homeownership; provides that the department of law shall provide grants to eligible not-for-profit housing counseling organizations and legal services organizations to provide services under the program. AYE

S8776A Increases the discretionary spending threshold for regional off-track betting corporations to $35,000. AYE

S7296A Requires the council on the arts to have members from each of the ten regions of the state; allows members appointed prior to the effective date to complete the natural end of their term before appointments shall be made in accordance with such requirement.  AYE

S8948 This bill would require certain information regarding judgments about an employee's inability to perform their duties due to a disability to be provided to the employee and the authorized representative of such employee. AYE

S7079A Establishes the "first responder peer support program act" which supplies peer-to-peer mental health programs to first responders. AYE

S7294 Enacts the "utility penalty adjustment"; adjusts utility penalties to account for inflation; increases such penalties and ties them to inflation after January 1, 2025. NAY (Significantly increase penalties on utilities in the state for failure to comply with the law.)

S9005A Requires regular updates on the New York Power Authority's work to build public renewables and added transparency requirements around their annual conferral process. AYE

S2067 COSPONSOR Establishes a clinical preceptorship personal income tax credit for certain health care professionals who provide preceptor instruction to students studying to be a health care professional. AYE

S6696 Allows college coursework to be credited as a work activity which may be used toward fulfilling the employment requirements for public assistance benefits under certain conditions. AYE

S7501 Requires the New York State Department of Veterans' Services, in consultation with the department of health, to undertake a study regarding veteran healthcare in New York State. AYE 

S7600 Requires NYS DOH, in concert with the tick-borne disease institute and NYS DEC to publish a report on its website of information related to the incidence of tickborne illnesses. AYE

S7684 Establishes an Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander (AANHPI) leadership institute within the state university of New York as an initiative for Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander (AANHPI) leaders in higher education with a mission to retain and grow from within SUNY a greater proportion of Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander (AANHPI) professionals at SUNY campuses; creates an eight member advisory council. AYE

S7713B Adds a provision to the unconsolidated law which holds that awards made under article 14 of the education law in the 2020-2021, 2021-2022, and 2022-2023 academic years which were made in error due to the misclassification of student who was granted exclusion of parental income with no dependent, as a student who was granted exclusion of parental income with a dependent. AYE

S8118 Requires colleges and universities to report to the commissioner of education certain information relating to admission plans including early action, early decision and general admission. NAY (Onerous penalty structure.)

S8374A Increases the Federal Poverty Level income limit from two hundred percent to four hundred percent with regard to the one-time, six-month earned income disregard for job entrants having completed a public assistance employment training program, as enacted in the FY 2023- 2024 budget. AYE

S8535 Establishes a green affordable pre-electrification program to be administered by NYSERDA, in consultation with the Division of Housing and Community Renewal, to fund and provide technical assistance for projects to address structural deficiencies or code violations or other problems in residential buildings so as to make such buildings eligible for municipal, state or federal funding for residential energy efficiency, electrification, weatherization, installation of insulation, and resiliency programs.  AYE

S8640 Extends the number of years eligible municipal corporations and school districts can receive mitigation assistance when facing loss of tax or PILOT revenue from the closure of electric generating facilities. AYE

S8783A Requires the department of labor create and maintain a list of available careers and job openings for veterans in the state of New York and provide such list to the department of veterans' services; requires such list to be placed on the department of veterans' services website. AYE

S9104 Establishes the position of chief artificial intelligence officer and such person's functions, powers and duties; including, but not limited to, developing statewide artificial intelligence policies and governance, coordinating the activities of any and all state departments, boards, commissions, agencies and authorities performing any functions using artificial intelligence tools; makes related provisions.  AYE

S4040B This bill would amend the General Municipal Law to mandate that local IDAs shall contain a board seat for a local government representative or superintendent and one local labor organization representative. NAY (Should be local decision.)

S9298 Amends the real property tax exemption for un-remarried spouses of volunteer firefighters or volunteer ambulance workers killed in the line of duty to permit continuation of such exemption for volunteer members with service between two and five years. AYE

9270 Relates to the term paper ballot; provides that voters will be informed that if they have moved from the address where they were last registered, they must either notify the board of elections of their new address or vote by affidavit ballot at the polling place for their new address even if such voters have not re-registered. AYE

S8144C Prohibits an insurer from refusing to insure, refusing to continue to insure or limiting the amount, extent or kind of coverage available to an individual or charging a different rate for the same coverage solely because the insured or potential insured was prescribed pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) medication for the prevention of HIV infection. AYE

S19 Requires public schools in any city with a population over one million that have at least 25% of students practicing a religious faith with specific dietary restrictions to offer food options which meet such dietary restrictions. AYE

S9056 Requires the department of corrections and community supervision within twenty-four hours of the attempted suicide or hospitalization of an incarcerated individual or any other individual occurring in the custody of the department, to notify the emergency contacts of such incarcerated individual or other such individual. AYE

S4598D Enacts the "school anti-violence education act"; creates a school anti-violence education program; establishes a school anti-violence education fund. AYE

S7229A Clarifies valid reasons to obtain an absentee ballot for elections in school districts which do not utilize poll registration. NAY (Solves non-existent problem.)

S2086A Allows individuals to waive their right to purchase firearms, rifles and shotguns, as well as a process by which the waiver can be filed and revoked. NAY (Unnecessary.)

S7506A Declares that a law authorizing a child to be removed from their parent or guardian based on the parent or guardian allowing their child to receive gender-affirming care is against the public policy of this state; relates to forum in domestic relations cases. NAY (Parental rights.)

S7195B Relates to the availability of technical assistance grants in brownfield site remedial programs; provides that the commissioner of environmental conservation shall provide grants to the New York city community board with jurisdiction over the site or to any not-for-profit corporation exempt from taxation under section 501(c)(3) of the internal revenue code at any site which may be affected by a brownfield site remedial program.  AYE

S9235 Provides that where the total number of commercial food fish license, commercial crab permits, commercial whelk and conch licenses, and marine and coastal district party and charter boat license applications from persons who were not issued such license in the previous year exceeds the number of licenses that are available, the department of environmental conservation shall randomly select recipients of the available licenses from among those applications received by the first business day of the applicable license year.  AYE

S7769A This bill amends public health law section 17, regarding the release of medical records, to establish that all medical records shall be made available to patients, at the patient's request, in an electronic format through a web portal and such records shall be in a format that allows the patients to save the records to their own device. AYE

S 9344 This bill enacts the lab services accessibility act, which amends provisions of Title 6 of the public health law regarding laboratory business practices. AYE

S7815A Requires inspections of child day care homes, programs and facilities include the full premises; requires providers of a family day care home or group family day care home to disclose to the office of children and family services all persons who reside in the home where child day care is being provided; requires all providers of child day care to receive training for, provide and maintain onsite opioid antagonists for use during emergencies. AYE

S7098A Enacts the feathered lives also count act directing the commissioner of general services to incorporate practices and strategies to reduce bird fatality resulting from collisions with certain state-owned or state-leased buildings. AYE

S9137A This bill prohibits openly carrying a rifle or shotgun, with exceptions. Military, law enforcement, peace officers, bona fide hunters, shooting ranges, people on private property (their own homes, businesses, or otherwise private property, or with consent of the owner), historic reenactments, museums and historic sites, and military funerals are among those exempted from this law. NAY

S7036A The bill prohibits the retail sale of spices that exceed lead level limits. Food Industry Alliance of New York, Inc.  AYE

S9002 Defines therapeutic agriculture and clarify that it is eligible for grants and other benefits which are currently available to community gardens and their operations. AYE

S9248 Expands the young farmer advisory board on agriculture to become the beginning farmer advisory board on agriculture. AYE

S9462A COSPONSOR Authorizes treatment of workers' compensation injuries by an occupational therapy assistant and a physical therapy assistant; directs certain records to be retained. AYE

S413 Establishes the people with disabilities access to programs commission to examine, evaluate and make recommendations for new laws with respect to how the state should streamline eligibility requirements and processes for its programs and services to assist people with disabilities. AYE

S758 COSPONSOR Authorizes the use of an electronic signature by a person granted a power of attorney by a taxpayer with respect to documents submitted to the New York state department of taxation and finance and the New York city department of finance. AYE

S2158A Provides that enrolled members of Southampton Village Ocean Rescue shall be eligible for the tax exemption on real property authorized by section 466-c of the real property tax law. AYE

S2159A Relates to the eligibility of enrolled members of the East Hampton Volunteer Ocean Rescue and Auxiliary Squad for the tax exemption on real property authorized by section 466-a of the real property tax law, as added by chapter 670 of the laws of 2022. AYE

S4289A Authorizes the county of Otsego to impose an additional mortgage recording tax of 25 cents per $100 of principal debt or obligation. AYE

S5019B Authorizes the county of Nassau assessor to accept an application for a real property tax exemption from Lubavitch of Old Westbury for all of the 2022-2023 school taxes and all of the 2023 general taxes. AYE

S5780A Relates to establishing an additional mortgage recording tax in Chenango county; provides for the repeal of such provisions. AYE

S7586A Deems Anthony Varvaro to have died as the natural and proximate result of an accident sustained in the performance of duty so as to permit accidental death benefits to be awarded to his beneficiaries. AYE

S8668 GALLIVAN Permits the Clarence central school district to establish an insurance reserve fund. AYE

S9068A Authorizes the village of Round Lake, in the town of Malta and the county of Saratoga, to extend the lease of certain park lands in such village for up to an additional thirty years. AYE

S9160 Authorizes the Hudson River-Black River Regulating District to transfer certain lands to the village of Northville, town of Northampton, county of Fulton, for the use and maintenance of the dam, roadway, and bridge located on such lands, in consideration of $1. AYE

S9300 Authorizes the village of Clayton to offer an optional twenty year retirement plan to Joshua David, a police officer employed by such village. AYE