Senator Gallivan's Votes for June 6 & 7, 2024

Jim Ranney

June 11, 2024

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The following bills were approved in the NYS Senate.  Senator Gallivan's vote is noted.

S7690 Adds to the list of Medicaid coverage of pre-natal and postpartum care and services, remote ultrasound scans and remote fetal non-stress tests. AYE

S7515A This bill would enact "the climate change property tax assessment relief act". AYE

S3529C This bill would regulate ingredients in feminine hygiene products. AYE

S563 Eliminates the requirement that a public hearing be held to determine the maximum base rent for rent-controlled dwellings in the city of New York.  AYE

S4667A Requires social services districts to utilize a presumptive eligibility standard for child care assistance, and help eliminate administrative burdens and delay in families receiving care. AYE

S3231 Provides for including uncles, aunts, nephews, and nieces in the definition of "family member" in relation to regulations pertaining to rights of family members to succeed in certain cases to the rights of certain tenants. NAY

S519 Provides for increased fines for overnight parking of tractor-trailer combinations, tractors, truck trailers and semi-trailers on residential streets in the city of New York. AYE

S7528 Adds a non-voting member from the division of service disabled veterans' business development to the state cannabis advisory board. AYE

S181 This legislation would permit the staff of members of the New York State Senate and Assembly, at the request of such member, to accompany said member as well staff of county legislators, if requested by a county legislator to accompany such member to be able to visit a local correctional facility. AYE

S302 Provides that for the purposes of educational leave, an eligible inmate shall include an inmate who is within two years of being an eligible inmate. NAY

S6342A Expands from 10 to 11 the size of SUNY community college boards of trustees and requires one ex-officio and non-voting member shall be a member of the faculty or staff of the college." AYE

S7547A Requires a petition in a summary proceeding to recover possession of real property in the city of Schenectady to allege proof of compliance with local laws requiring rental residential property registration and licensure.  AYE

S7543B Enacts the legislative oversight of automated decision making in government act (LOADinG Act) to regulate the use of automated decision-making systems and artificial intelligence techniques by state agencies. AYE

S225C Provides that no incarcerated individual in any state or local prison, penitentiary, jail or reformatory shall be compelled or induced to provide labor against his or her will. NAY

S8212 Requires the New York state energy research and development authority conduct a study on the feasibility, storing and transferring of hydrogen energy to residential and commercial structures in cities and towns with a population greater than twenty thousand. AYE

S4787A This legislation revises the procedures of the Medicaid Evidence Based Benefit Review Advisory Committee. AYE

S7829 Issues distinctive epilepsy awareness license plates; establishes an epilepsy awareness fund and an epilepsy research and education program. AYE

S8139A Authorizes the director of the division of minority and women's business development and the mayor of the city of New York to enter into a memorandum of understanding to allow reciprocity between the state and New York City for businesses that are certified as minority and women-owned business enterprises. AYE

S2079 This bill would prohibit food service establishments from refusing a customer’s request to package their beverage or food leftovers in a reusable food container provided by the customer instead of using the disposable food service container provided by the establishment. NAY (Places onus on businesses to determine cleanliness of the reusable containers.)

S1883 This bill establishes a definition of an "Economic Development Entity" as an entity created by the executive branch.  AYE

S7507A Repeals the provisions of the Public Health law governing orders not to resuscitate for residents of mental hygiene facilities. AYE

S1744 Requires items that are sold in commissaries or canteens within correctional institutions to be at the current market rate for such items, based on the cost of similar items for sale in the same region as the correctional facility. NAY (Mandating that items be sold in a commissary or canteen at the regional market rate is noteworthy. Nonetheless, restricting the department’s ability to enforce violations/penalties is a nonstarter.)

S7093A This bill would eliminate the 50% cap for library systems serving economically distressed communities that receive state library construction aid awards beyond 75%, enabling such libraries to substantially fund such projects. AYE

S4467C Clarifies the standard for disparate treatment claims by defining the terms "because of", "because", "by reason of", and "motivating factor" for the purposes of disparate treatment cases. AYE

S6110C Waives the local residency requirement for the village clerk and village treasurer in the village of Portville by permitting such public officers to reside within Cattaraugus County or an adjoining county within the State of New York. AYE

S6320 Authorizes the commissioner of environmental conservation to enter into contracts for the lease or use of state lands for the purpose of maple tree tapping and sap production for a term of up to, but not to exceed, ten years. AYE

S8654 Adds Falls Brook, Jones Brook, Kelso Brook, Minerva Stream, and Trout Brook to the definition of inland waterways for the purposes of waterfront revitalization. AYE

S8722A Requires the empire state plaza art commission to provide recommendations to the governor on renaming the agency buildings located at the empire state plaza.  AYE

S7739B Enacts Detective Brian Simonsen's law; requires police officers and peace officers report stolen cellphones to wireless telephone service providers who must then disable such stolen cellphones. AYE

S8688A Requires the court to review a denial of a motion to suppress evidence on appeal, even if the defendant pleaded guilty - in many instances defendants waive their right to an appeal as part of the plea agreement and in exchange for a lighter sentence. NAY (Allowing defendants to appeal even if they have waived that right as part of a plea deal, usually in exchange for a lighter sentence, would get rid of an incentive for DAs to come to agreements on plea deals.)

S7565B Expands the options for shell color and roof color of petroleum bulk storage tanks.  AYE

S7809 Requires that prior to ordering an HIV related test that a protected individual be provided notice by means accessible in multiple languages and that such notice may also be provided orally, in writing by prominently displayed signage, by electronic means or other form of communication and must include information that HIV testing is voluntary. AYE

S8965A This bill requires the Department of Health, within the health care and wellness education and outreach program, to develop and conduct a program concerning drug-induced movement disorders. AYE

S8624A This bill adds a new provision to the correction law requiring that peer support advocates who are participating in a correction-based substance use disorder treatment and transition services must not be unreasonably denied entry into correctional facilities based on such advocates’ history of prior incarceration. AYE

S8634 Exempts the residency requirement for certain assistant district attorney positions within Saratoga County.  AYE

S7748C Authorizes licensed wireless communication equipment vendors to sell policies of wireless communication equipment insurance with service contracts under wireless communications equipment protection plans. AYE

S7785 Provides that individuals may receive breast cancer screenings under an insurance plan when such individual has a second degree relative with a prior history of breast cancer. AYE

S8553C Requires that health insurance policies shall provide coverage for follow-up screening or diagnostic services for lung cancer. AYE

S8947A Authorizes the town of Kinderhook to alienate certain parklands and to convey such land to the Valatie Volunteer Rescue Squad for the purpose of providing emergency medical services to the town of Kinderhook. AYE

S8724B This bill would enact the "safe landings for youth leaving foster care act" or "safe landings act", which would provide protections for youth transitioning out of foster care who bring certain legal proceedings. AYE

S7676B This bill deems any provision in a contract to be void and unenforceable if it is between an individual and another person or entity for the performance of personal or professional services as it relates to a new performance by digital replication, pursuant to conditions. AYE

S7801A Enacts the stop civil discrimination act requiring proof of service to include the server's perception of certain characteristics of the person to whom personal service of a summons was delivered. AYE

S2273 Designates the Montauk Point shoals as an important bird area; directs the commissioner of environmental conservation to designate such area as part of the New York state bird conservation area program. AYE

S505 This bill would require the Commissioner of the Department of Health, in consultation with the Commissioner of Addiction Services and Supports to review any policy in facilities operated by the Department of Correction and Community Supervision and in all local correctional facilities. NAY (This bill would require significant investment and would be a massive undertaking by the DOH. Currently, DOH is required to review HIV, AIDS, hepatitis C and most recently COVID-19 policies instituted by DOCCS and local jails.)

S7667A This bill would add to the required health coverage menu under the Medicaid program, known as “standard coverage”, to include coverage of dental implants, implant related services, dental prosthetic appliances, replacement dental prosthetic appliances, crowns, and root canals for posterior and anterior teeth, as well as crown lengthening when associated with a covered crown and/or root canal if a qualified dentist authorizes the procedures. AYE

S8966A This bill amends provisions relating to certificates of qualifications for clinical laboratories and blood banks to authorize more general certificates of qualification rather than specialized ones specific to a type of testing. AYE

S4032A Amends the Civil Rights law to establish a private cause of action for unconsented removal or tampering with a sexually protective device under certain conditions including the other person intentionally and without consent removed or tampered with such device during intercourse to render it ineffective.  AYE

S7007A Authorizes the City of Troy, County of Rensselaer, to enter into a PILOT Agreement with T.R.I.P. Redevelopment Associates, granting an exemption from real property taxes. AYE

S7008A Authorizes the City of Troy, County of Rensselaer, to enter into a PILOT Agreement with Hillside Redevelopment Associates, granting an exemption from real property taxes. AYE

S8550 Provides for the reinstatement of state recognition and acknowledgement of the Montaukett Indian Nation. AYE

S4778 Provides that with respect to leases on motor vehicles, no lease shall provide that the lessee would be charged a turn-in fee at the expiration of the term which constitutes solely an additional fee for administrative, handling or clerical charges. NAY

S5643A Prohibits the sale of infant walkers; restricts the use of such infant walkers in certain settings. NAY

S6989 This bill amends the lien laws governing self-storage facilities to allow self-storage occupants to choose, in the occupancy agreement with the facility owner, to be contacted by telephone in the event the owner seeks to enforce a lien on such self-storage unit. AYE

S7926 Requires that plaintiffs no longer have to prove that a sexual offense occurred on the premises of, chattels or property belonging to a corporate entity in a civil suit over negligent supervision.  NAY

S2984 This bill would require an operator of a nursing home when closing the facility to take certain actions. NAY (This bill will likely be overly burdensome on operators.)

S3372A This bill gives the Secretary of State broad authority over local code enforcement. NAY

S1611A States that the amount of eight percent shall be withheld from harness purse payments to cover health insurance, pensions and the administration of these and other benefits for horsemen at all facilities in New York State. AYE

S9115 Authorizes a hospice medical director or a physician designated by such director, in addition to the physician or nurse practitioner last in attendance on the deceased, to sign a death certificate. AYE

S15A Authorizes certain shelters for victims of domestic violence to be reimbursed for any payment differential for housing a single individual in a room intended for double occupancy. AYE

S7779B Creates a community doula expansion grant program to support community-based doulas and community-based doula organizations; provides funding for recruitment, training, certification, supporting, and/or mentoring of community-based doulas. AYE

S8703A Requires the owner or operator of a major facility or a vessel to establish and maintain with the department evidence of financial responsibility sufficient to meet the amount of liability. AYE

S8827A Requires any student graduating from a high school in New York state be provided with a voter registration form. AYE

S3604A This bill would amend sections of the Real Property Tax Law so that the due dates for the payment of real property and school district taxes in installments are specified in a notice from the assessing unit to the owner of then taxable property without interest or penalties. AYE

S220B Adds gas to the list the vital services (where provided) that NYCHA is required to publish regular updates of service interruptions on and requires utilities to remedy service interruptions as expeditiously as possible. NAY

S9516A This bill would amend the vehicle and traffic law section 311 to authorize insurance coverage by a risk retention group (RRG) to include coverage to commuter vans, pre-arranged for-hire vehicles and accessible vehicles. AYE

S3176 This bill would require courts or the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision to issue Certificates of Relief from Disabilities when the court or DOCCS is satisfied that: The person is seeking the certificate is an eligible offender; The relief to be granted by the certificate is consistent with the rehabilitation of the eligible offender; The relief to be granted by the certificate is consistent with the public interest. NAY (Process already in place.)

S7132A Relates to the health, safety and human rights of incarcerated pregnant individuals, incarcerated birthing parents of children and their children. NAY (This bill removes any objective time cutoff for when the child would no longer be able to reside with the mother within the facility.)

S8976B Adds telehealth to the list of school-based health services available to students and define school-based telehealth provider. AYE

S9107A Ensures reserve funds of special act school districts are not treated as offsetting revenue for purposes of determining their tuition rate.  AYE

S9032A Allows for the use of an affirmation of truth of statement in an administrative proceeding; repeals certain provisions needed to make a technical correction in law. NAY

S3437 Places a six-month limit on an acting president or acting chair of the Empire State Development board. NAY

S9383A Provides for multiple-person accounts; requires a signature card; provides that absent indication to the contrary, funds remaining in such an account upon the death of the depositor shall be deemed part of the depositor's estate. NAY (Administrative challenges.)

S5648F Prohibits the sale of certain products that contain regulated perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances.  AYE

S4193 Authorizes and directs the NYS DOH to conduct a study on the incidences of cancer clusters in all cities and towns with 90,000 or more inhabitants as determined by the last federal decennial census. AYE

S7177B This bill amends public health law section 3342 regarding the amount of controlled substances a practitioner in a hospital emergency room may dispense.  AYE

S9353 This bill would repeal public health law section 3372 which requires every attending physician and every consulting practitioner to report promptly to the Commissioner the name, and if possible, the address and any other data as may be required by the Commissioner, of any person under treatment if he finds that the person is an addict or a habitual user of any narcotic drugs. NAY (Reducing the amount of reporting would also reduce data collection measures which hinder any ability to appropriately find remedies to reduce instances of use and ensure proper treatment avenues are readily available.)

S7679A Designates a portion of state route 77 between Broadway Road and Sumner Road in the town of Darien, county of Genesee, as the "Sgt Terry James Garigen Memorial Highway".  AYE

S8607A Establishes a school speed zone camera demonstration program in the city of Kingston; repeals authorization of program December 31, 2029. AYE

S9133A Allows for individuals to enroll in the national bone marrow donor program at the time of application for or renewal of a driver's license or non-driver identification card.  AYE

S6419E Establishes extended producer responsibility for mattresses; requires mattress producers to establish a plan for the convenient and cost-effective recycling of used mattresses. NAY (Civil penalty unnecessary. Significant costs to State.)

S9144 This bill would amend the state finance law to expand the spinal cord injury research trust fund to require at least $8.5 million be credited to the spinal cord injury research trust fund from the mandatory surcharges imposed under the crime victim assistance fee established under vehicle and traffic law section 1809. AYE

S9450A Requires the owner, licensee or operator of a generative artificial intelligence system to conspicuously display a warning on the system's user interface that is reasonably calculated to consistently apprise the user that the outputs of the generative artificial intelligence system may be inaccurate and/or inappropriate. AYE

S6671A Authorizes the city of Olean to impose a hotel and motel tax not exceeding five percent of the per diem rental rate for each room. NAY (Tax increase.)

S9128 Relates to the qualifications for holding the office of assistant county attorney in the county of Herkimer; permits holders of such office to reside outside Herkimer county. AYE

S8913A Authorizes the sale of liquor for consumption on certain premises located within two hundred feet of a building occupied exclusively as a school, church, synagogue or other place of worship in the borough of Manhattan, county of New York. AYE

S4421 Allows a social worker or informal caregiver to be present and give care to a vulnerable elderly person who is called to give evidence in a grand jury proceeding, concerning any type of offense, provided that the district attorney consents. AYE

S7365B This bill places a new requirement on firearms dealers to: take reasonable steps to prevent the installation and use of a pistol converter, as defined in section 265.00 of the penal law, on qualified products. NAY (Dealer has already taken necessary preventative action by complying with current law prohibiting sale of and resale.)

S9294A This bill enacts "Gittel's Law." AYE

S8606A Prohibits the misrepresentation or collection of certain fees related to the delivery, usage, and storage of liquified petroleum. A seller could provide a rebate to a consumer equal to the price paid by that consumer for liquified petroleum gas that is removed from a liquified petroleum gas tank by the seller and resold. AYE

S7426A Requires board of elections to post sample ballots online for each election district at least twelve days prior to the first day of early voting. AYE

S8119C Establishes the staff sergeant Alex R. Jimenez New York state military immigrant family legacy program within the department of veterans' services. AYE

S8596A Expands eligibility under the veterans tuition awards program. AYE

S8608A This bill amends article 8 of the Labor Law related to Public Work. AYE

S8662A Requires electronic benefit transfer systems to allow for benefit recipients to cancel or lock a their EBT card when fraud has been suspected or reported. AYE

S8756 This bill establishes a street cleaning camera monitoring system to street cleaners operating in New York City. AYE

S8756A This bill establishes a street cleaning camera monitoring system to street cleaners operating in New York City. AYE

S8978A This bill would amend the Real Property Tax Law by adding a new section 431 (Fiber optic cable) and would provide an exemption for certain fiber optic cable assessments for open access fiber optic broadband companies. AYE

S9735 This bill extends Mt. Vernon's Photo Violation monitoring system in 20 intersections within the City of Mt. Vernon until December 1st, 2029.  AYE

S7420 Allows the department of financial services to have additional oversight of banks and insurance companies that are not currently licensed. NAY

S7553A Requires automobile brokers to maintain a place of business; requires certain notices and recordkeeping; makes related provisions. NAY

S7859 This bill would add net costs, defined as the estimated cost of attending a college after grants but before loans, and loan repayment options to the list of descriptors that must be included in a standard financial aid award letter. AYE

S8203 This bill would make a number of changes to the restricts on issuing temporary retail permits. AYE

S8412A Directs that at least ten percent of funds from the opioid stewardship fund shall be invested in recovery services and supports.  AYE

S8504A Authorizes the New York state energy research and development authority to administer a program to provide grants, loans or other services for the costs related to enabling fuel-switching for residences with propane or fuel oil heating systems to efficient electric heat pumps. AYE

S9031 Authorizes the commissioner of general services, subject to the consent of the commissioner of corrections and community supervision, to transfer and convey certain state land to the Livingston County Water & Sewer Authority. AYE

S9065A Relates to the Peconic Bay region community preservation funds.  AYE

S9071 This bill would authorize the pass-through or transfer of the New York State Historic Tax Credit for rehabilitation of historic properties, and authorizes the allocation of the credit in a separate manner from any federal certified historic tax credit. AYE

S9130A This bill prohibits monies in the NY Interest on Lawyer Account (IOLA) Fund to be spent for the purposes currently other than those currently authorized. AYE

S9183B Authorizes the trustees of the Tuckahoe Common School District to submit a proposition to reorganize as the Tuckahoe-Shinnecock Union Free School District. AYE

S9188 This bill would require the PSC to publish information on its website about any proposed or actual rate change within ten days from the commencement of a ratemaking proceeding or an order being issued. AYE

S9365A This bill would require that online third party food reservations apps and websites obtain written consent from a food service establishment prior to the company marketing or making a seating reservation at the food service establishment. AYE

S9386 Authorizes the town of New Windsor to alienate certain parklands for use as a sewer treatment plant and to dedicate other lands as replacement parklands. AYE

S9672 Updates the membership, powers, duties and procedures of the commission on forensic science.  AYE

S9677A This bill redefines the "margin of victory" when recanvassing (recount) votes. NAY

S9679A Authorizes the cannabis control board to issue a cannabis event permit to certain licensees authorized to conduct retail sales of adult-use cannabis and cannabis products. NAY

S9765 Extends, until December 31, 2025, the authorization of residential property owners in high risk brush fire areas on Staten Island to cut and remove reeds. AYE

S5779E This bill would establish a residential investment exemption in the city of Norwich to assist the city with incentivizing residential vacant lots to property owners along with improving the housing stock within the city. AYE

S9809 Authorizes the town of Hempstead to transfer ownership of certain parkland constituting the town marina to the village of Freeport. AYE

S6678B Permits the town of Putnam Valley, Putnam county, to lease sports field fences at Leonard Wagner Memorial Park for advertisements with the revenues to be used solely by such town's department of parks and recreation for such sports field. AYE

S9822 This bill is at the request of NYC Finance and would extend the application deadlines for the Industrial & Commercial Abatement Program (ICAP) in New York City for 4 additional years until April 1, 2029. AYE

S902B Requires a caller making a report of suspected child abuse or maltreatment to the central registry to leave their name and contact information.  AYE

S2279C Requires a plain and conspicuous printed list of all ingredients listed in order of predominance on diapers sold in the state.  NAY (Should be addressed at the national level.)

S2566B This bill would make a number of changes to the Cannabis Law related to the medical use of cannabis, including establishing medical cannabis patient reciprocity with other state and repealing the Controlled Substances Therapeutic Research Act from the Public Health Law. NAY

S2812A Increases the number of traffic-control signal photo violation-monitoring devices that may be installed in New York city to six hundred intersections.  AYE

S3144E Relates to increasing the earnings limitation for retired law enforcement officers.  AYE

S3250 This bill would require public agencies that issue occupational licenses to establish a process for prospective license applicants with criminal histories to file a pre-application to find out if their criminal history would render them ineligible for such license. NAY (Could be burdensome on public agencies.)

S3565A Empowers the council on the arts to designate East Harlem as a cultural district. AYE

S3587A COSPONSOR Establishes the rural suicide prevention council to identify barriers to mental health and substance use treatment and prevention services and other policies.  AYE

S4199 Provides that the superintendent of financial services shall establish standards for hurricane windstorm deductibles, creating uniformity in the operation of such deductibles with respect to the triggering event. AYE

S4457A This bill regulates the collection, use, and protection of biometric data (retina scan, fingerprint, voice print, or scan of hand or face) by private entities in New York. NAY (Excessive cost to business)

S5623A Relates to the purchase of claims by corporations or collection agencies.  NAY

S5877A Changes the makeup of the Commission on Correction to require that 9 persons be appointed and of that, 3 be appointed by the Governor, 2 by the Speaker, 2 by the Senate temporary president (one with a professional background in behavioral health and one being an attorney with experience in indigent criminal defense services or prisoner rights litigation) and 2 by the correctional association. NAY

S6306B Provides WTC-related benefits to certain employees who worked at the Verrazano Bridge Toll Facility. AYE

S6623 Provides for military leave for all represented and non-represented persons employed by the port authority of New York and New Jersey. AYE

S7128B This bill would allow Tier 3 members of the NYC fire department pension fund to purchase prior service as a cadet in the NYPD and use the appointment date as a cadet to determine the initial date of fire department pension fund membership for plan or tier eligibility purposes provided such purchase of service is made within five years of the effective date of this legislation. AYE

S7498A This bill would permit certain Tier 4 members in the New York City Employees' Retirement System (NYCERS) and the New York City Board of Education Retirement System (BERS) who are participants in the automotive 25 year/age 50 pension plan with more than 30 years of credited service and who remain in active service after age 62, to receive a service retirement benefit equivalent to the standard service retirement benefit received by Tier IV members with the same age and service. AYE

S7567A Permits an eligible retirement system member to receive, in lieu of an ordinary death benefit, a death benefit such member would otherwise be entitled to receive provided such member is a state-paid judge or justice of the unified court system or a housing judge of the civil court of the city of New York. AYE

S7649A Establishes a stakeholder group in the Oswego river basin to coordinate water release. AYE

S7694A Establishes the Stop Addictive Feeds Exploitation (SAFE) For Kids Act prohibiting the provision of addictive feeds to minors by addictive social media platforms; establishes remedies and penalties. AYE

S7695B This bill would include a new article 39-FF which would establish the New York Child Data Protection Act. AYE 

S7759A This bill would make all law enforcement agencies make radio communications accessible in real time to emergency services organizations and professional journalists. NAY (Could potentially jeopardize the safety of police officers.)

S7810 This bill amends the public health law to include food intolerances within the notice required for staff of food service establishments, as created by the Commissioner. NAY (Costly to business.)

S7837 This bill would add a new section 34 to the Volunteer Firefighters' Benefit Law to establish a municipal group insurance technical assistance program. AYE

S8338A Designates a portion of the state highway system in the village of Gainesville as the "T Sgt Walter Shearing Memorial Highway". AYE

S8422C This would add a new section to the penal law that would make it unlawful for someone to record the entrance or exit of a school ground when they have the intent to harass, annoy, threaten or alarm another person. AYE

S8498A This bill would require the state agency, with or without request made by the unsuccessful offeror, will submit, in writing by mail and electronic mail, to the unsuccessful offeror, the same analysis that would be afforded to the offeror should they have participated in the debriefing within 60 days from the date the agency determined that the offer was unsuccessful. AYE

S8506A Provides that a health pamphlet shall be delivered to a vendee regarding sewage disposal systems; provides information on septic system operation and maintenance on the property condition disclosure statement. AYE

S8715 Authorizes licensed creative arts therapists to bill Medicaid directly for their services. AYE

S8788 This bill relates to age and service eligibility requirements for ordinary retirement for members of the unified court system. AYE

S8907A Direct the department of health to complete a report of the impact of hospital closures on healthcare access in the state. AYE

S8932A Prohibits the sale of playground surfacing materials that contain PFAS, PAHs or more than ninety parts per million of lead on and after January 1, 2026.  AYE

S8958 Authorizes regional planning council's eligibility to apply for federal and/or state grants. AYE

S9049 This bill requires public notification and opportunity for comment when an application is made to DOH for a waiver to the hospital-home care-physician collaboration program. AYE

S9050 Extends eligibility for real property tax exemptions to veterans who served on a submarine or on classified missions during a period of war as documented by military service records. AYE

S9085 Authorizes the county of Nassau assessor to accept an application for a real property tax exemption from the Korean Evangelical Church. AYE

S9195 Authorizes the county of Nassau to alienate and sell parklands to Lakeside Inn, Inc. AYE

S9283 This bill requires information related to congenital heart defect births, including treatment recommendations, be included within information provided to maternity patients by hospitals and birth centers. AYE

S9332A Authorizes the town of Oyster Bay to discontinue as parklands and convey such parkland to the department of environmental conservation. AYE

S9339A Enacts the "New York utility corporation securitization act"; allows electric corporations to petition the public service commission for authority to issue storm recovery bonds. AYE

S9343 Requires the office of temporary and disability assistance to make publicly available on its website information regarding waivers, rental supplement plans and shelter supplement plans. AYE

S9361 Requires that seat belts be available and used on charter buses for persons age 8 through 16 any violation of such would result in a $50 fine. AYE

S9373 This bill would eliminate the overtime ceiling provisions for Tier 6 members of the New York City Transit Authority subject to the 25-year and Age 55 Retirement Program. AYE

S9408C This bill amends the usage of the piers at Chelsea Piers known as Hudson River Park, managed by the Hudson River Park Trust (a partnership between New York State and New York City overseeing four miles of Hudson River Park in Manhattan). AYE

S9658 Establishes the New York road salt reduction council and the New York road salt reduction advisory committee to provide a mechanism for interagency cooperation and coordination to implement the recommendations of the report of the Adirondack road salt reduction task force. AYE

S9744 Makes changes to on-bill recovery loans that are part of the Green Jobs-Green New York program. AYE

S9797 This bill updates not-for-profit law to include community gardens for possible use of land banks. AYE

S9827 Establishes an emergency heating energy assistance program benefit to provide emergency assistance to certain households where such household is threatened with shut-off or an energy emergency due to nonpayment. AYE

S9829 Authorizes the Greenburgh North Castle Union Free School District to continue operating as a union free school district during the 2024-2025 school year, and to affiliate with any childcare institution or entity other than St. Christopher's School, Inc. New York State School Boards Association.  AYE

S9832 This bill would amend the Labor Law by adding a new article 36 entitled New York State Fashion Workers Protection Act which would provide for the registration and duties of model management companies and creative management companies and provide complaint procedures and penalties for violations. AYE

S9837 Requires the board of elections to provide a domestic postage paid return envelope which a voter may use to return a cure affirmation in paper form by mail; provides that a cure affirmation may be delivered in person, by mail or in electronic form as an attachment to an email. NAY (Cost to local boards.)

S9838 Creates a wholesale prescription drug importation program which complies with federal standards and regulations for the purpose of generating substantial savings for consumers. NAY

S9839 Increases the number of judges in family court to 67.  AYE (Adds one additional family court judge in Erie county.)

S4305B Requires that all cellular telephone service providers shall provide full plans by December thirty-first, two thousand twenty-four for the conversion of all respective cell towers to renewable energy by two thousand thirty. NAY

S4622B This bill would require Medicaid coverage to be automatically renewed for certain enrollees, upon an attestation of unchanged resources or diminished resources, unless there is a finding of lack of eligibility. NAY (Ignores the growing costs of long-term care in Medicaid.)

S3249A Amends the executive law, multiple dwelling law, multiple residence law, the administrative code of the City of New York and the New York City building code to require the installation of smoke detectors in common places of certain dwellings. AYE

S8470A Amends the definition of “radiography”, which means the use of x-rays or x-ray producing equipment on patients for diagnostic purposes, generally, to authorize the intravenous administration of contrast media by such radiographer on such patient when directly supervised by a licensed physician, licensed nurse practitioner or licensed physician assistant. AYE

S5937B Designates a portion of the state highway system constituting the bridge on state route 79, crossing over the Chenango River and connecting the town of Greene, county of Chenango, with the town of Fenton, county of Broome, as the "SP4 Herman Emil Anders, Jr. Memorial Bridge". AYE

S6328B Prevents the displacement of call center workers who provide call center services for the government in certain circumstances; provides protections for call center workers when contracts with call center contractors are terminated.  NAY

S8561 Requires that members appointed to a county board of health or part-county health district include one licensed physician in NYS and two members who must be a licensed physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant or any combination thereof. AYE

S7523 This bill amends CPLR 4518.   NAY (Restricts access to medical records. Judge should decide.)

S8121 Designates the Tuckahoe Road overpass above the Sprain Brook Parkway in the city of Yonkers, county of Westchester as the "Detective Sergeant Frank Gualdino Memorial Bridge". AYE 

S6689 Authorizes the village of Sodus Point, in the town of Sodus, county of Wayne to allow golf carts on certain streets under the exclusive control and jurisdiction of such village. AYE

S2604A Prohibits the entry of a judgment by confession on amounts due from one or more individuals for personal, family, household, consumer or non-business purposes and on a debt incurred if the principal amount of such debt was less than $5,000,000. NAY (Increase costs of private financing.)

S7846 This bill adds to the requirements related to access of health care information by qualified persons, specifically those who are authorized to access a copy of any patient information requested, and original mammograms requested, to also provide for such qualified person to request a physical copy of any patient information requested. AYE

S8987A Amends the provisions of the Public Health law governing the establishment of hospitals by the Public Health and Health Planning Council. NAY (This bill aims to regulate “passive” corporate arrangements by clarifying that such arrangements also require PHHPC approval. Nonetheless, a PHHPC 2012 report recommended against approval of these “passive” parent arrangements and, instead recommended a more streamline notification process, thereby encouraging affiliations and clinical integration.)

S4993C Authorizes the commissioner of parks, recreation and historic preservation to issue rules, regulations and programs necessary to allow the presence and behavior of dogs conducive to the characteristics of each state park.  AYE

S8895 Authorizes the department of economic development to give a preference to any tourist promotion agency that is promoting the sport of stickball. AYE

S5918C Requires corporations and municipalities to notify property owners prior to beginning services that may interfere with a property owner's ability to enjoy, use, or access such property owner's property.  AYE

S4563A Designates a portion of the state highway system in the town of Wallkill as the "Private First Class Richard Cleveland Dunn Memorial Bridge". AYE

S911A Requires that all special education students attending schools scheduled to be closed or to undergo a significant change be assigned to new schools prior to the implementation of the closing or change. AYE

S4686A Enacts the "New York State Phoenix Act."  NAY (Training already in place. Changes unacceptable and not fully based on fact.)

S8097A Directs the commissioner of health to establish a blood clot and pulmonary embolism policy workgroup. AYE

S2754A This bill expands notification requirements for the parent or guardian of an arrested youth and requires, in many circumstances the release of an arrested youth after the issuance of an appearance ticket. NAY (This bill requires the release of a youth charged with even serious non-violent felonies if a court is unavailable.)

S7462B Allows retired employees of the New York state teachers' retirement system who return to active service and suspend their pension benefit to elect to combine their service credit earned prior to retirement with the service credit earned after their restoration to active service, provided they have earned at least two years of service credit since such restoration. AYE

S8951A Requires signage on state highways designating where there is a zero-emission charging and refueling station that is open and available to the public within three miles of an exit or off-ramp. AYE

S9327B This bill would authorize the use of owner-controlled and contractor-controlled insurance, or "wrap-up" insurance. AYE

S9525B Requires pharmacies that are discontinuing to notify customers of such discontinuance and provide information including locations of other nearby pharmacies. AYE

S206B Removes the lifetime ban on jury duty for convicted felons; provides that if convicted of a felony, such person has completed all sentencing requirements to such conviction, including any required term of imprisonment, probation, or community supervision. NAY

S4246D Enacts the "packaging reduction and recycling infrastructure act" to require companies selling, offering for sale, or distributing packaging materials and products to register with a packaging reduction organization to develop a packaging reduction and recycling plan. NAY

S4559C Enacts the "school security guard training enhancement act" ; provides requirements for a specialized certification for school security guards, including, but not limited to, retired police officers; requires topics including, but not limited to, the role and responsibility of school security officers, school-related laws and liability, security awareness in the educational environment, mediation/conflict resolution, disasters and emergencies and dynamics of student behavior be covered in such training and program.  NAY

S6141B Provides additional benefits for certain county correction officers in Suffolk county; provides benefits to retirement system members with credited service of thirty years. AYE

S7011A Grants retroactive tier IV membership in the New York state and local employees' retirement system to Raymond Ruckel. AYE

S8100 Authorizes the town of Montague in Lewis county to designate certain town roads as low-volume roads and certain low-volume roads as minimum maintenance roads. AYE

S8426 SKOUFIS This bill would remove certain requirements on what the office of children and family services can determine to be an appropriate staff/child ratios for family day care homes, group family day care homes, school age day care programs and day care centers. AYE

S8432 Establishes a captive insurance program for commuter vans, black cars, ambulettes and paratransit vehicles, small school buses, and charter buses that are engaged in the business of carrying or transporting eight to twenty four passengers for hire; pre-arranged for-hire vehicles and accessible vehicles; defines terms. AYE

S8666A Requires hospitals to ask patients if they have a disability that requires accommodation under The Americans with Disabilities Act on patient intake forms and what reasonable accommodations are required. AYE

S8797B Directs the New York State Department of Labor to establish a voluntary training and certification program for employers entitled the Neurodiversity Training Pledge. AYE

S8908A Permits the Setauket fire district to enter into contracts with the state university of New York at Stony Brook for the sale or donation of a fire truck or other emergency equipment. AYE

S9227 Requires landlords and lessors provide notice to tenants about bed bug infestation within twenty-four hours of having knowledge of such infestation. NAY

S9258 Provides that individuals requesting and obtaining a veteran notation on such individual's driver's license or non-driver identification card shall be advised that the department of veterans' services and local veterans' service agencies provide assistance to veterans regarding benefits under federal and state law. AYE

S9269A Authorizes the village of Ballston Spa to transfer ownership of the Woods Hollow Nature Preserve to the town of Milton; makes related provisions. AYE

S9295 Authorizes the office of court administration to pay certain judicial compensation to Hon. Joseph J. Maltese for the period of January 1, 2021 to November 7, 2021. AYE

S9306 Permits the Exempt Firefighters' Benevolent Association of Hastings-on-Hudson, Inc. to use funds raised through collecting taxes on various projects. AYE

S9307A Relates to the name and purpose of the Volunteer and Exempt Firemen's Benevolent Association of Valhalla, New York.  AYE

S9359 This bill would authorize the distributors of cannabis products to elect to file returns annually instead of quarterly. AYE

S9364B This bill prohibits New York State and local governments from procuring technology and products that have been prohibited from federal government purchase due to their security risk. AYE

S9519A Establishes an advanced residential health care for aging adults medical fragility demonstration program to construct a new facility or repurpose part of an existing facility to operate as an adult residential health care facility for the purpose of improving the quality of care for aging adults with medical fragility. AYE

S9631A Authorizes Michael Winston Hoard, the widower of Kathy Marie Dwyer-Hoard, to file a new service retirement application and an option election form on behalf of his deceased wife with the New York state and local employees' retirement system. AYE

S9673A This bill mandates the acceleration of awarding downstate casino licenses by the Gaming Commission. AYE

S9678B This bill redefines an exception to materially deceptive media for bona-fide news reporting entities for the purpose of news reporting or coverage if "the reporting clearly acknowledges through content or a disclosure, in a manner that can be easily read or heard by the average listener or viewer, that there are questions about the authenticity of the materially deceptive media." AYE

S9766 Authorizes the town of Orangetown to establish community preservation funds; establishes a real estate transfer tax with revenues therefrom to be deposited in said community preservation fund; provides for the repeal of such provisions upon the expiration thereof. AYE

S9826 SKOUFIS This bill is a proposed constitutional amendment to move numerous judicial and local elections to even years. NAY

S3282C This bill would extend due process provisions that are triggered when a health plan terminates a contract with a provider, to also include when a health plan chooses to not renew with a health care provider. AYE

S4924A Prohibits requiring parents or caretakers to earn a minimum wage to be eligible for child care assistance. AYE

S8190 Requires the New York state energy research and development authority conduct a study on independent neighborhoods and homes in cities constructing microgrids to study the feasibility, efficiency, and energy saving costs if such micro-grids were constructed. AYE

S7383A Requires public notice and comment for any contract for goods, services or construction to be awarded by other than competitive sealed bidding or competitive sealed bids from prequalified vendors in excess of a threshold established by the procurement policy board by rule; provides for the repeal of such provisions upon the expiration thereof. AYE

S7781A Requires the Department to establish and maintain an annual heat mitigation plan to ensure incarcerated individuals and correctional facility staff have options available to stay cool, hydrated and safe during high heat temperatures. AYE

S3249B Amends the executive law, multiple dwelling law, multiple residence law, the administrative code of the City of New York and the New York City building code to require the installation of smoke detectors in common places of certain dwellings. AYE

S3185A This bill would extend, for two years, until December 31, 2026, the ability for the department of environmental conservation to fix by regulation measures for the management of crabs of any kind, excluding horseshoe crabs. AYE

S4909B Requires all hospitals to establish a violence prevention program by January 1, 2025, in order to protect health care workers, patients, families and visitors. AYE

S8708A Authorizes the John Theissen Children Foundation, Inc. to receive retroactive real property tax exempt status for a parcel located at 1492 Wantagh Avenue, hamlet of Wantagh, town of Hempstead, county of Nassau. AYE

S8872 This bill would allow St. Ann's School in Brooklyn, NY to be eligible for DASNY financing to conduct renovations and upgrade their facilities. AYE

S6803B Prohibits utility corporations from imposing late fees, interest, or penalties during an investigation by the commission; allows retroactive late fees, interest, or penalties if a determination is made in favor of such utility corporation; prohibits utility services from being terminated during an investigation by the commission; requires utility corporations to notify customers of investigations; requires notice to the general public. NAY

S8649 Provides health insurance coverage for surviving spouses or domestic partners of fire protection inspectors of the New York city fire department. AYE

S9047 This bill would amend chapter 783 of the laws of 1974 to authorize the city of Mt. Vernon to offer an installment plan for tax delinquent properties with a time limit of two years and requires a 25 percent down payment. AYE

S2853A This bill would allow retail licensees to purchase up to twelve bottles per week wine and liquor from an off premises retail licensee. AYE

S8358C Establishes the retail worker safety act requiring retail worker employers to develop and implement programs to prevent workplace violence.  NAY

S8760A Relates to the automatic identification of elderly pharmaceutical insurance coverage program enrollees who are eligible for HEAP and automatic enrollment of such eligible enrollees in HEAP.  AYE

S8865 Requires reporting and posting by assisted living facilities relating to quality measures and information concerning rates, rent, and service fees; requires a scoring system of the assisted living quality reporting. AYE

S8893 This bill authorizes localities to provide for an additional real property tax exemption for senior citizens who meet the income eligibility limits and other criteria to the extent of 65% of the assessed valuation of such real property.  AYE

S7868A Relates to advancing grid enhancement technologies; allows the department of public service to approve requests from distribution companies to develop grid enhancement technologies; requires distribution companies to submit a compliance filing report every 5 years. AYE

S7736B Relates to permits and financial security for reclamation for salt mining beneath a lake. AYE

S8799B Designates a portion of the state highway system including the bridge on the South Service Road, between Federal Circle and Perimeter Road Overpass, crossing over the Van Wyck Expressway in Jamaica as the "Port Authority Police Officer William J. Leahy Memorial Bridge". AYE

S1201C Provides a discount for veterans in the state of New York for such persons' utility, water, telephone and cable bills. AYE

S9425B Authorizes Kolel Rachmistrivka to file an application for exemption from real property taxes. AYE

S9301A Designates a portion of the state and local highway system constituting route thirty-five as the "Westchester Purple Heart Highway". AYE

S9812A authorize beneficiaries to choose pension benefits or a death benefit if they died during the period between filing an application for retirement and the date in which their retirement application becomes effective to choose pension benefits. AYE

S9824 This bill would advise the child care availability taskforce to ensure adequate wages and compensation for child care workers. AYE

S9825 Extends provisions relating to the establishment of the mercury thermostat collection act to January 1, 2026. AYE

S7609B Establishes the "no severance ultimatums act", which prevents employers from giving coercive ultimatums to employees or former employees relating to such employee's severance from employment. NAY (Imposition on business.)

S8491A This bill would establish the New York state museum partnership trust to serve as a focal point for the receipt and administration of private gifts, devises and bequests of real and personal property donated to further historic preservation, advance cultural education, and enhance the state museum. AYE

S9063B Authorizes the city of Niagara Falls to alienate and discontinue the use of certain parklands and transfer the property to The Papermill, LLC. AYE

S9174B Requires that vehicle manufacturers and/or dealers terminate an individual's access to remote vehicle technology upon request by domestic violence victims who provide an order of protection and proof of ownership of a vehicle. AYE

S9219B Permits the town of Kent, Putnam county, to lease sports field fences for advertisements with the revenues to be used solely for the care of Guglielmo Field. AYE

S9614B Authorizes the state university of New York at Stony Brook to lease certain lands for the purpose of developing a facility to support research and development to address the national semiconductor chip shortage and related environmental sustainability issues. AYE

S9830 Exempts a certain parcel of land in the town of Islip from certain use restrictions (Part A); alienates certain parklands in the town of Islip (Part B). AYE

S1292A This bill a new section within Article 19 of Environmental Conservation Law to establish clean fuel standard in New York, which will be a de facto Cap & Trade program with the goal of reducing the carbon intensity of fuels used in the transportation sector, and encouraging alternative blends and electrification. NAY (Likely increase cost at the pump.)

S9721A This bill regulates terms of a residential cooperative ground lease. NAY

S9831A Extends provisions extending the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) benefit for public employee death benefits until July 31, 2025. AYE

S9842 This bill clarifies that health insurers cannot require copayments for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) as long the United States Preventative Task Force provides a rating of A or B in its current recommendations. AYE

S9847 Restricts the performance of surgical devocalization procedures on dogs and cats. AYE

S4246D Enacts the "packaging reduction and recycling infrastructure act" to require companies selling, offering for sale, or distributing packaging materials and products to register with a packaging reduction organization to develop a packaging reduction and recycling plan. NAY

S9673A This bill mandates the acceleration of awarding downstate casino licenses by the Gaming Commission. AYE

S9849 This allows the New York City Dept of Design & Construction to use "alternative project delivery methods" including "design build" and "construction manager build" for public works projects. AYE

S3397A Establishes a maximum temperature in school buildings and indoor facilities; provides a definition of extreme heat condition days and the standard to measure room temperature. AYE

S4764A Relates to requiring the commissioner of the department of civil service to prepare a report on civil service titles which require an appointee to possess a license and current registration as a mental health practitioner in one or more professions under article 163 of the education law. AYE

S5188 Permits a plaintiff to recover directly against a third party defendant found to be liable to the defendant in certain actions. NAY (Increased liability costs.)

S5481A This bill would require health insurers to provide coverage for testing for suspected dyslexia. NAY (Should wait for task force report.)

S8472A COSPONSOR Relates to establishing a twenty year retirement plan for members or officers of law enforcement. AYE

S9195 Authorizes the county of Nassau to alienate and sell parklands to Lakeside Inn, Inc. AYE

S9254 Exempts the chief of police of the town of Southampton, county of Suffolk, from mandatory age requirements; authorizes such chief of police to remain in service until such member has attained the age of 65. AYE

S9334 Permits the electronic appearance of a defendant in the county of Oswego. AYE

S9356 This bill amends Section 215 of the elder law to establish and regulate social model adult day services programs. AYE

S9449A COSPONSOR Extends the duration of certain brownfield redevelopment and remediation tax credits with respect to a site located within the Renaissance Commerce Park situated within the city of Lackawanna, Erie county. AYE

S9688 This bill creates a new property tax exemption for homeowners who purchase items or make improvements to the home that will reduce the building's carbon emissions. AYE

S9752 Authorizes the city of Mt. Vernon to establish a school speed zone demonstration program; authorizes installation in no more than twenty school speed zones in such city. AYE

S9835 Relates to public campaign financing surpluses and when unspent public matching funds must be paid. AYE

S9840 Relates to increasing short-term disability benefits. AYE

S9857 This bill amends the Court of Claims act to allow a claimant, after filing a timely notice of claim, to apply to the court for permission to correct a mistake, omission, irregularity, or defect made in good faith in the notice of intention or claim required to be served, not pertaining to the manner or time of filing of service. AYE