Senator Gallivan's Votes for the Week of April 1, 2024

Jim Ranney

April 5, 2024

Senate Seal

The following bills were approved in the NYS Senate.  Senator Gallivan's vote is noted.

S6525 To include veterans with service-related disabilities among those who receive preferences in the Affordable Home Ownership Development Program.  AYE

S6573 Requires the state fire prevention and building code council to study and adopt uniform fire prevention and building code standards to promote fire safety and accessibility in single-exit, single stairway multi-unit residential buildings above 3 stories and up to at least 6 stories, based on a study of building codes existing in the city of New York and in other cities and jurisdictions that have adopted such buildings into their building codes.  AYE

S7130 Provides an exemption for certain property, American Legion Post 483, from the prohibition of alcohol sales within a certain distance from a school. AYE

S6980A Requires the dissemination of written materials regarding child access prevention and the safe storage of firearms to students and/or persons in a parental relationship to such students at the beginning of each semester or quarter of the regular school year beginning on and after July 1, 2024. NAY

S6551 This bill would amend section 596 of the Labor Law as it relates to an individual's right to request a hearing regarding an unemployment insurance benefits claim. The bill would provide that such a hearing can be requested if benefits or a written notice of determination denying their claim are not received within thirty days of providing all required information. AYE

S6648 This bill would amend section 28-b (Credit needs of local communities) by adding a new subparagraph 10- a which would include participation in a banking development district as a factor when assessing an institution's record of performance. NAY (Would impose significant requirements on banks. Not applicable to credit unions.)

S7539 Provides grounds for attachment; relates to procedures where employees may hold shareholders of non-publicly traded corporations personally liable for wage theft; relates to rights for victims of wage theft to hold the ten members with the largest ownership interests in a company personally liable for wage theft; relates to penalties for certain wage violations. NAY (Increase costs. Too heavy handed toward business.)

S7375 DCJS DEPARTMENTAL - Would codify DCJS’ authority to regulate the oversight of probation pretrial monitoring and supervision services in addition to its general supervision authority of probation services throughout the State. AYE

S6409A This bill would raise the tax abatement rate of the Green Roof Tax Abatement Program and extending certain deadlines for properties within New York City. Furthermore, it would remove some of the restrictions that have been barriers to participation within the program. AYE

S7518 OCA DEPARTMENTAL - Authorizes the state board of law examiners to procure proper and suitable quarters for such board in the county of Albany. AYE

S7342A  Adds a tax abatement for electric energy storage equipment for certain properties in a city of one million or more persons to state that on or after January 1, 2024 and before January 1, 2026, the amount of the tax abatement would be the lesser of either (i) 10 percent of eligible electric energy storage equipment expenditures in each year of the compliance period, (ii) the amount of taxes payable in such tax year, or (iii) $62,500. AYE

S3249 Amends the executive law, multiple dwelling law, multiple residence law, the administrative code of the City of New York and the New York City building code to require the installation of smoke detectors in common places of certain dwellings. NOTE - multiple dwellings mean a rented, leased, let or hired out, to be occupied or is occupied as the temporary or permanent residence or home of three ore more families living independently of each other. Includes dwellings with five or more boarders, roomers or lodgers residing with any one family. AYE

S5085C Requires motor vehicle dealer franchisors to fully compensate franchised motor vehicle dealers for warranty service agreements. AYE

S1737 This is sunshine bill that directly impacts IDAs in every Senate district in the State. It is a completely renovated; whereas, once referred to as the Unified Economic Development Budget Act, the bill no longer requires DOB and the Tax Department to compile a report on all economic development assistance provided in the prior fiscal year within three months of the end of such fiscal year. Instead, this version of the bill will create a searchable database under the purview of the Budget Authorities Office (by creating a new section 8) and local IDAs to submit a comprehensive amount of data into this database.  AYE

S6383 This bill provides for a continuation of senior citizen rent increase exemption benefits in the City of New York after a period of ineligibility due to a head of household's temporary increase in income. The temporary spike in income cannot exceed two years.  AYE

S6335A  Authorizes the Syracuse Hancock International Airport to hire and promote employees on a permanent basis.  AYE

S3472 This bill updates the law regarding physician profile information collected and made public by the Department of Health (DOH). The bill requires DOH, and not the physician, to update physician's health plan affiliation information utilizing provider network participation information. Requires physicians to update their profile information prior to the submission of the re-registration application.  AYE

S5357 Relates to allowing bed and breakfasts to sell cider, liquor, beer and wine on the licensed premises.  AYE

S4886 This bill would amend Article 71 of Environmental Conservation Law (ECL) to expand the Department of Environmental Conservation's (DEC) powers for General Civil Penalty (section 71-4003) to also include injunctive relief, revoking/suspending a permit/certificate, or deny a pending renewal application.  AYE

S5302 Establishes within the crime of aggravated harassment in the 2nd degree (a class A misdemeanor) when a person with the intent to harass, annoy, threaten or alarm another person removes a religious clothing article or headdress from such person.  AYE

S4922 Precludes health insurers providing coverage under the Child Health Plus (CHP) program from limiting or preventing health care services under CHP due to a health care provider’s lack of participation in said health insurers’ network.  NAY (Allowing providers to choose to participate in some but not all products would significantly increase administrative costs for all insurance products, including CHP.)

S5396 Directs the commissioner of the office of addiction services and supports to promulgate rules and regulations for providers operating in rural locations while taking into account the extra challenges encountered by such providers, including but not limited to, increased and additional expenses.  AYE

S4674A Requires the NYS DOH to establish a Parkinson’s disease registry and website. Such registry will be created with the assistance of a Parkinson’s disease advisory committee (consisting of relevant professionals) to collect data on the incidence of Parkinson’s disease and other epidemiological data, including all cases of Parkinson’s disease diagnosed or treated in the State. Provides that patients may opt-out, in writing, from the collection of data for the purposes of research in such registry, after an opportunity to review the documents and ask questions. AYE

S7093 SED DEPARTMENTAL - This bill would eliminate the 50% cap for library systems serving economically distressed communities that receive state library construction aid awards beyond 75%, enabling such libraries to substantially fund such projects.  AYE

S8744 Strikes the provision of the Penal law governing adultry. Current statute makes it a Class B misdemeanor to engage in sexual intercourse with another person at a time when he has a living spouse, or the other person has a living spouse.  NAY

S4557 Allows that in a county of between 390,000 and 425,000 residents any municipality in said county will be eligible for state reimbursement for their enforcement of state navigation law, regardless of whether the county has filed an application provided that the total amount reimbursed to the municipality does not exceed limits set forth in section 79-B. AYE

S5724 COSPONSOR Establishes the "Fallen Skywalkers Memorial Bridge" in the city of Buffalo in Erie county.  AYE

S3052 Requires the higher education services corporation to make a determination of financial eligibility of a student for financial aid, awards and loans within 60 days from the day of the receipt of the financial aid application; where the higher education services corporation fails to make a timely determination the applicant shall be deemed eligible for such aid for the semester for which the application was made; allows for a 30-day extension if notice is given to the educational institution within the initial 60-day period. AYE

S5554 Establishes a youth outreach department within the state police, city, village, town, and district police departments, and sheriff departments for the purposes of designing and carrying out youth activities organized by the department. NAY (Unfunded mandate. Not necessary.)

S5169 Establishes the "Neurodiversity Flag" as the official state flag for raising awareness of neurodiversity. AYE

S3531A Directs the state fire prevention and building code council to update the state fire prevention and building code and the state energy conservation construction code within 18 months of the publication of any updated or revised edition of the international and national codes relating thereto, so as to ensure that the state's codes reflect such revisions and updates. AYE

S6635 This would expand eligibility for claims for mental injury premised upon extraordinary work-related stress incurred at work to all workers. Currently it only applies to first responders. NAY (No fiscal.)

S2924 Establishes the Marshall plan for moms interagency task force to examine, issue proposals and make recommendations on multiple policy areas to address the disproportionate burden mothers have weathered from the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. NAY (Not necessary. No minority appointments.)

S3582 This bill would make the Rehabilitation of Historic Barns tax credit refundable for taxpayers with adjusted gross income of less than $60,000, and allows excess credit to carry over into the following year or years for tax payers with adjusted gross income of over $60,000. AYE

S2376A This bill would add medical information and health insurance information to those services that are covered under identity theft. Medical information: any information regarding an individual's medical history, mental or physical condition, or medical treatment or diagnosis by a health care professional. A PRINT - makes technical amendments and includes identity theft in the first degree. AYE

S252 Provides that any municipality that has received alienation authorization through enactment of municipal parkland alienation legislation shall submit a report to the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation. This bill would provide enforcement power to the Attorney General against municipalities that violate the terms established in the alienation legislation.  AYE

S8970 PROGRAM BILL - Provides for emergency appropriation through April 8, 2024 for the support of government.  AYE