Senator Gallivan's Votes for the Week of February 26, 2024

Jim Ranney

February 29, 2024

Senate Seal

The following bills were approved in the NYS Senate.  Senator Gallivan's vote is noted.

S4711 This bill would add a new section 7-a to the volunteer firefighters benefit law, to provide for the payment of certain volunteer firefighter death benefits within 90 days of the filing of application to receive such death benefit by the person or persons entitled to such benefit.  AYE

S1979 Requires the Empire State Development Corporation, in consultation with SUNY, CUNY, public housing authorities and the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities to conduct a study on the economic impact of the establishment of kitchen incubators; requires a report to the governor and the legislature. AYE

S319 Requires anti-bias training for every medical student, medical resident and physician assistant student in the state, and requires the department of health to make an annual report on the implementation and effectiveness of such training. NAY (Duplicative of current practice.)

S506 COSPONSOR Enacts "Vincent Scheppa's law" authorizing, in certain cases, the provision of private duty nursing services to a medical assistance recipient by a relative who is a registered professional nurse.  AYE

S1195 Requires the department of agriculture and markets to maintain a publicly available database of the results of its graded inspections on its website; requires the department to provide information as to where a customer may file a consumer report; requires the department to facilitate and coordinate the planning and implementation of an awareness and educational program to inform the general public on the standards retail food stores shall meet and how consumers may report retail food stores with poor sanitary conditions.  AYE

S60 This bill would amend the unconsolidated law to authorize and direct the state board of real property tax services to conduct a study on real property tax saturation.  AYE

S2872 Exempts the metropolitan transportation authority from bond issuance charges otherwise required to be paid to the state.  AYE

S6585 Extends certain tuition waivers for police officer students of the city university of New York to 2026.  AYE

S2315 Names an office for people with developmental disabilities facility located in the borough of Manhattan the "Willie Mae 'Goody' Goodman Community Facility".  AYE

S8183 Extends for two years the requirement for OPWDD to give a 90-day notice to the Senate, Assembly, and labor organizations of any closures or transfer of a state operated individualized residential alternative. AYE

S1948A  Amends environmental conservation and vehicle & traffic law to prohibit the disabling or interference with emission control devices or the possession, sale and distribution of any device made for that purpose. Requires visual inspection for the presence of such device. Violations of this section are punishable by a civil penalty between $1,000 and $5,000 for initial violations and between $2,000-$10,000 for subsequent violations. All civil penalties collected to be deposited to the credit of the Environmental Protection Fund. A PRINT - makes technical amendments.  AYE

S6676 This bill amends the uniform city court act and the uniform justice court act so that in small claims actions where the claimant is or was a tenant or lessee of real property owned by the defendant, and the claimant is unable to provide notice of the claim to the defendant at their residence or office (place of work), then they can provide notice to them anywhere in the state where claimant can mail or deliver rent.  AYE

S2028A Establishes a real property tax exemption for the primary residence of veterans with a 100 percent service connected disability. Takes effect immediately upon enactment. A PRINT - revises the previous bill by permitting a county, city, town, village or school district to adopt a local law or resolution to include the primary residence of any seriously disabled veteran, who meet specified criteria. AYE

S204 Provides incarcerated individuals housed in both State and local correctional facilities, as well as facilities operated by the State of New York or local government where individuals are detained or confined by a law enforcement agency with access to breast cancer screenings every two years, at no charge. AYE

S1801 Adds 'domestic workers' as required recipients of paid sick leave. NAY

S3118 Requires the office for people with developmental disabilities to create a staffing plan for workforce emergencies when experiencing staffing shortages.  AYE

S724 Prohibits the lease of state forests, wildlife management areas and unique areas for the purpose of gas production.  AYE

S5714A This bill would increase access to resources for culturally diverse arts and culture organizations that advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion, racial and social justice, and cultural preservation.  AYE

S1413 Establishes the position of Catskill park coordinator within the department of environmental conservation to build partnerships between the department and other state agencies, municipal governments, businesses and nonprofit entities that will develop a community-based tourism strategy for the forest preserve to help fortify the regional economy and to coordinate implementation of the public access plan and other approved or adopted Catskill park-wide plans.  AYE

S345 Amends the Civil Practice Laws and Rules (CPLR) to extend the statute of limitations (SOL) from three to six years for individuals to file cases based on unlawful discriminatory practice in employment pursuant to the Human Rights Law.  AYE

S2389 Authorizes the mortgagee or lienor of an abandoned multiple dwelling to apply for the appointment of a receiver to bring the building into compliance.  NAY (Adds costs of doing business.)

S717 Excludes expenditures for medical care and prescription drug expenses not covered by insurance from the definition of "income" for the purpose of a real property tax abatement for rent-controlled and rent regulated property occupied by senior citizens (SCRIE).  AYE

S1747 The bill would permit certain minors 12 or 13 years of age to be to be employed as a referee, umpire or official at a youth sporting event for minors predominantly ten years of age or less. It would limit a minor 12 or 13 years of age to officiating one youth sporting event per week. AYE

S1180 This bill would amend section 61 of Volunteer Firefighters' Benefit Law, so as to make permanent, the procedures regarding a presumption that the death or disability of a volunteer firefighter from a disease or malfunction of heart or coronary arteries was caused due to work related factors.  AYE

S4544 Allows industrial development agencies to make grants to municipalities for open space preservation, parkland improvements and conservation easements where the municipal governing body finds that the grant encourages tourism or otherwise improves quality of life. AYE

S2297 Amends general municipal law to allow county comptrollers or local equivalent to examine and audit the projects and actions of industrial development agencies and not-for-profit corporations operating within a county. AYE

S8440 Extends for one year, the authorization for the horsemen's organization to receive an additional one percent of the purse collected from race meetings until August 31, 2025. AYE

S8441 Extends the provisions relating to the New York state thoroughbred breeding and development fund until fourteen years after the commencement of the operation of a video lottery terminal facility at Aqueduct racetrack. AYE

S8653A Repeals and enacts new provisions creating congressional districts. NAY (Unconstitutional and violates existing law.)

S8664 Relates to the dates to file a designating petition for Congress and party positions in 2024; provides that signatures for certain offices and party positions made earlier than February 29th made be counted. AYE