State Senate Acts to Protect New Yorkers from Gun Violence

Bullet holes through glass.

The New York State Senate passed legislative measures to advance responsible and effective firearm regulation. The proposed legislation will provide funding for anti-violence education in schools, add reasonable restrictions to the open carry of long guns, establish a ten-day waiting period for firearm purchases, establish a voluntary waiver of the right to purchase firearms, hold firearm industry members accountable for unreasonable conduct, and expand the list of who can petition for Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs).

Senate Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins said, “Gun violence has gone beyond a critical point in our nation, turning everyday places into sites of unimaginable tragedy and cutting our children’s lives short. The measures we are taking today demonstrate our unwavering commitment to protecting our communities and ensuring that no parent, child, group or person has to live in fear of gun violence. By enacting these common-sense reforms, we are taking further significant steps towards creating a safer New York for all. I commend all the bill authors for their commitment to curbing gun violence and stopping needless tragedies.”

Deputy Majority Leader Micheal Gianaris said, “Making our communities safe starts with educating gun owners and limiting accessibility to weapons of violence. I am proud we are taking serious steps to tackle this critical issue. We must keep our communities safe and prevent guns from taking more lives.”

Read the Senate Majority press release.

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