O'Mara on late state budget: 'We're still in the dark here in Planet Albany' (WATCH today's news conference)

Senator O'Mara

Senator O'Mara joined Republican colleagues at a Capitol press conference today to criticize the failure of Albany Democrats to adopt a new state budget.

Albany, N.Y., April 17--Joining Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt and other members of the Senate Republican Conference at a news conference at the State Capitol earlier today, State Senator Tom O'Mara, Ranking Member on the Senate Finance Committee, strongly criticized Governor Kathy Hochul and the Legislature's Democratic leadership for their continued failure to enact a new state budget. 

"I wish we had more to report on the status of the budget, but we're still in the dark here in Planet Albany," O'Mara said, noting that a new state fiscal is now 17 days late and taxpayers still have no information on a plan that's expected to increase spending by at least $8 billion. "It's no way to be dealing with a $237-billion budget. It's frustrating for my constituents. They want answers." 

Watch Senator O'Mara's comments at today's news conference HERE.

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