Senator Anna M. Kaplan Passes School Safety Legislation 5/22/19

Senator Anna M. Kaplan speaks out on the floor of the New York State Senate in favor of her bill, S4521, which increases the post-retirement earnings limitation for retired police officers working in schools to $65,000.

Remarks: As lawmakers, we have a solemn duty to ensure that we take every step necessary to ensure the safety of the children in our communities.

And the tragic reality is that our world has changed these last few years.

Our schools have changed.

So we are all called upon to do more to ensure their safety.

We owe it to our kids, and we owe it to our teachers.

This bill is very simple, and it is something that several local schools in my district have specifically requested.

It will remove roadblocks that currently prevent schools from hiring former law enforcement officers as school safety professionals. Our schools want to hire the best talent available to keep our kids safe, and we shouldn’t be standing in their way of doing so.

This bill will give them the option to do what’s best for their particular needs.

I’m proud to sponsor this legislation and I cast my vote in the affirmative.