November 24, 2009


       “Just over three weeks ago, Governor Paterson spoke to a joint session of the Legislature to talk about the seriousness of the state budget deficit.

            He called an emergency session for the next day, but never sent the state Legislature a deficit reduction bill until today -- which is three weeks later.  I’m glad the Governor has stopped talking, and started doing.

            In the meantime, I felt very strongly that we could not just sit around and wait for the Governor -- we needed action.  That’s why my Conference and I developed a plan that cuts over $3 billion in spending and solves the budget gap.  It shaves $1 billion from state bureaucracy, and reins in out-of-control Medicaid spending.  We also rejected any tax hikes that were being proposed -- the hardworking overburdened taxpayers of this state need tax relief, not a heavier tax burden.

            On Monday, the Senate and Assembly will convene to finally pass a deficit reduction bill that I believe will be mostly made up of the plan that my Conference put together. 

            Solving the current budget shortfall is just the first step.  The state has a serious spending problem that needs to be stopped.  That’s why I continue to push for a spending cap.  Our taxpayers cannot afford Albany’s out-of-control taxes and spending.  We need to pass a spending cap so that we can restore fiscal sanity, turn around the economy and grow more jobs.”