News 12 Long Island: Sen. Fuschillo awards 7th-grader Victoria Scalli the Liberty Medal for saving dad's life

May 10, 2013

MERRICK - Sen. Charles Fuschillo Jr. has awarded a Merrick seventh-grader with one of the highest civilian honors that a New Yorker can receive for saving her father's life.

Victoria Scalli was awarded the Liberty Medal for saving her father's life back in February. Scalli says she was in her room doing homework when she heard her father, Mark, begin to choke on a piece of bread. Scalli's mom tried to do the Heimlich, but it wasn't working.

That's when Scalli jumped in and did the Heimlich herself, which she had recently learned in gym. The Merrick Avenue Middle School student was able to remove the lodged piece of bread.

Scalli says she was happy she was able to put the skills she learned in gym to work.