Senator Daphne Jordan Calls for the Removal of Gov Cuomo's Expanded Powers

A Special Message from NYS Senator Daphne Jordan:

"During yesterday’s session I once again offered an amendment on behalf of New York State Senate Republicans to rescind Governor Cuomo’s expanded emergency powers, marking the 21st time (!!!) that we advanced this necessary amendment to restore the state legislature to its rightful place as a coequal branch of state government.

The deal that was announced a few days ago by Democrats in both houses to supposedly remove the Governor’s powers (and will be voted on later this morning) just doesn’t cut it. That bill allows the Governor to keep and extend his powers. It’s insulting to the intelligence of New Yorkers and is a sham rescission-decision.

We need a straight repeal that will finally bring back true oversight, accountability, and restore the state legislature as a co-equal branch of government!"