Senator Daphne Jordan: Protecting our Electoral Process from Fraud

The following is a short video of my remarks on the Senate Floor during today’s session in strong opposition to Senate Bill S.8130D, a bad bill that could do unprecedented damage to our electoral process. Much like last year’s Greenlight Law (which gave driver’s licenses to illegal aliens), which I led the fight against, this bad bill gives another greenlight to voter fraud.

Specifically, this bill from the Senate Democratic Majority allows requests to be made by a voter for an absentee ballot by electronic mail, or through the Board of Elections web portal, eliminates the requirement that an application for an absentee ballot must be signed by the voter, and allows for postmarks of an absentee ballot to issued up to the day of the election, instead of the day before the election. Their legislation also imposes yet another massive new unfunded mandate on local governments at the very time so many are struggling financially.

This bad bill will ultimately open the door to ballot harvesting and other forms of voter fraud that will hurt our democracy and undermine a fair and functional electoral process, while imposing new costs on local governments and local taxpayers. All of these are the reasons why I voted NO!  -- Senator Daphne Jordan