Senator Carlucci: Saving Time, Resources and Money Through E-Recording

March 28, 2011

(Albany, NY) Today, Senator David Carlucci (D-Rockland/Orange) voted to pass a bill that responds to the ongoing challenge local governments face of delivering more services with fewer resources. This bill permits, but does not mandate, the use of electronic recording and filing to support activities related to the recording of instruments affecting real property.

“County clerks are continually seeking ways to improve efficiency, enhance services, and save taxpayer dollars,” Senator Carlucci said.  “Owners of real property, real estate professionals and local government taxpayers will benefit from the more accurate and efficient land records system that this bill would facilitate.”

By implementing electronic recording, local governments would be able to reduce the volume of paper documents coming into the municipalities. In addition, local governments that permit electronic recording can save considerable money on staff time and postage having to return documents.

This bill will also eliminate the need for persons seeking to record land documents to appear at the offices of recording officers to file hard copy originals, and it would provide for a more efficient and streamlined storage and retrieval system.

Ultimately, electronic recording will improve the recording process from the point of origin (e.g. title companies, banks, attorneys' offices) to county clerks' offices. It will improve work flow, increase productivity, speed up the recording process and improve data accuracy.

“This gives our hardworking clerks another tool in their toolbox to make government as accessible, user friendly and cost effective as possible.”