State Senate Passes Carlucci Priority Bill To Allow Schools/ Local Gov'ts to Pool Resources, Cut Costs

June 17, 2011


 The New York State Senate today passed priority legislation sponsored by Senator David Carlucci (D-Rockland/Orange) that will cut costs and lower burdens on taxpayers by streamlining the process for schools and other local governments to jointly consolidate healthcare-related and administrative operations.

“This legislation will give municipalities the tools that they need to cooperatively provide services and administer municipal employee benefits which are a major part of the cost of running local municipal governments,” Senator Carlucci said.  “Through common sense measures such as this we can save taxpayer dollars and provide quality services to employees.”

This bill, (S.2843), will enhance the ability of municipalities to pool resources and cooperatively provide municipal employee benefits such as health insurance, and tax deferred employee plans. It will also allow municipalities to offer their employees the ability to participate in more health insurance plans that better reflect the needs of its employees.

The bill would help cut down on duplicative services, increase purchasing power in order to drive down costs and ultimately ease the burden on local tax levies.

Increasing healthcare costs are among the highest drivers of local government spending. This legislation was a cornerstone of Senator Carlucci’s plans to ease costs and unfunded mandates on schools and local governments.

This measure would allow schools access to the Healthy NY program, which on average is 7 percent cheaper than other health insurance products. It would also allows municipalities, either alone or in conjunction with others, to reduce premium rates if its employees to participate in Wellness programs.