Syracuse Construction Career Day held at New York State Fairgrounds


Local high school students find out what the construction industry is all about.

by Chris Hein (Syracuse)  

The New York State Fairgrounds hosted the 5th annual Syracuse Construction Career Day.  Over 500 students and 40 schools participated in the event being held at the Youth Building on the fairgrounds.  Students ranging from juniors to seniors in surrounding area high schools were able to interact with over 11 hands-on construction stations at the career day.  These stations ranged from painting wood to laying brick.  Students were even given the opportunity to drive some of the heavy machinery outside the Youth Building in the parking lot. 

Construction industry in need of workers

Melissa Gould, the chair of the Syracuse Area Construction Career Day, said one of the biggest reasons for an event like this being held is to help show today’s youth the opportunites that exist out in the real world. 

“It’s positive,” said Gould about the students’ reactions to the events happening during the career day. “They really like it.  They’re surprised by how many different avenues they can take.  I think people don’t realize how many different careers there are in construction.”

Impact of the Syracuse Construction Career Day

New York State Senator David Valesky says the shortage of skilled laborers not only affects the construction industry, but also it affects the economy.

“Well it’s really really important,” said Valesky. “Every year we try to stop over to show support… It’s really really exciting to see so many young people taking advantage of this opporutnity.”

Valesky says the jobs are out there for people, but much of the youth just does not realize it.  Events like the construction career day helps opens the students’ eyes to these new career paths.  He feels it is important for the young people to learn these trades and also to see the jobs that could possibly be in there future one day.