1.14.21 - Akshar’s All-Stars DCMO BOCES

January 14, 2021

Recognizing Akshar’s All-Stars in five Chenango County schools today, and kicked things off at DCMO BOCES. Today we honored Wionna Myers and Logan Cazzolla for coming to the aid of a fellow student during a serious medical emergency on their school bus. Both enrolled in the Certified Nurse Assisting program, Wionna and Logan jumped into action when a fellow student suffered a serious asthma attack on their school bus and was without an inhaler. Wionna and Logan recognized the emergency situation and alerted the bus driver to contact the school nurse and re-route to the local ER. Wionna and Logan assisted with maintaining the student’s airway, calming and managing the younger students on the bus who were becoming anxious by the emergency situation, and ultimately assisting with getting the student in distress safely into the emergency room.

Both of these students demonstrated an understanding of the severity of the situation, what actions were appropriate to take, and then served both as caretakers for the student in distress as well as leaders for the other students on the bus.

Without their actions, this scenario could have turned out very different, and that’s why we’re lucky to have them as part of this community and why I’m proud to call them Akshar’s All-Stars.