Akshar Remarks on "Farm Laborers Fair Labor Practices Act" S.6578

The new One Party Rule continued to steamroll over Upstate interests, this time targeting our farmers.

The so-called "Farm Workers Fair Labor Practices Act" was opposed by the New York Farm Bureau, Grow NY Farms, Farm Credit East, the National Federation of Independent Businesses, countless upstate and family owned farms, countless farm workers and even our local members of the Assembly from both parties, Cliff Crouch and Donna Lupardo.

The bill claims to help farm workers, but heaps $300 million in operating costs onto the backs of New York’s farmers and limits their flexibility to employ seasonal workers. This, in turn, will simply drive our farm workers out of New York to neighboring states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan in order to maximize their limited seasonal hours.

The sponsor of the bill only held 3 public hearings on the bill, none of which were in my community despite repeated invitations.

Clearly, the voice of the hardworking people directly effected by bad policy pales in comparison to headlines and partisan political points New York's One Party Rule seeks to score with another misguided and reckless piece of public policy.