Akshar's Remarks on Bill to Grant Driver's Licenses to Undocumented and Illegal Immigrants

Statement from Senator Fred Akshar on the Passage of the “Green Light Bill”

The new One Party Rule in New York once again steamrolled over the will of the people of New York and shoved another piece of terrible public policy down the throats of everyday New Yorkers.

The so-called “Green Light Bill” flies in the face of common sense. It essentially rewards those who break the law and is a slap in the face to law-abiding New Yorkers and to new Americans who have taken the appropriate steps to do things the right way and become citizens legally. 

Democrat Senators had the opportunity to go against their One Party Leadership, but chose politics over the people.

They chose to support rewarding undocumented and illegal immigrants for willfully breaking the law. They chose to support continuing this state’s trend toward favoring criminals over law abiding citizens. They chose to pave the way for widespread voter fraud - the bill’s sponsor himself admitted that there are no safeguards to prevent illegal and undocumented immigrants from successfully and illegally registering to vote through the DMV. 

Everyone who supported the Green Light Bill insists that this legislation would not allow undocumented and illegal immigrants the right to vote. Why then, were none of the restrictions or requirements utilized by other states to prevent voter fraud included in this bill? Whether the answer is either willful indifference or willful ignorance, neither is acceptable.

We all know in our hearts that doing what’s right may not always be what’s popular, and what’s popular may not always be what’s right, but today they are one and the same, and that’s why I voted NO on this misguided piece of legislation.

Some have said I’m being divisive in my opposition to this measure.

Since when is it divisive to support the rule of law?

Since when is it divisive to say that we as a state should not be supporting individuals who willfully and continuously break the law?

Since when is it divisive to listen to the opinions of legal, law-abiding citizens?

Since when is it divisive to side with the majority of New Yorkers who believe in doing things the right, just and legal way?

Welcome to the "New" New York.