'Voting' pardons could allow hundreds of violent sex offenders into New York schools on Election Day

Last month, Governor Cuomo pardoned hundreds of child rapists and sex offenders, including high risk, violent offenders who are deemed a “threat to public safety,” and they could be headed to school polling places to vote this fall.

Research comparing state’s “Megan’s Law” registry with a public database of parolees in just three Senate Districts in the Southern Tier, Long Island and in Western New York exposed dozens of sex offenders receiving the extraordinary pardons.

The research also found at least 10 high-level sex offenders, including multiple child rapists and sexually violent offenders in the 52nd Senate District who received pardons. All of their victims were minors, some as young as 5 years old.

When the Governor handed out these pardons to over 24,000 parolees who haven't finished paying their debt to society, either he didn't think about the unintended consequences or he valued scoring political points over putting our state's children in danger.

Neither answer is acceptable to the families across New York. We need the Governor to think before he acts, put people before politics and put in place a plan to fix this immediately.