March 01, 2011

ALBANY, NY (February 28, 2011)—New York State Senator Greg Ball (R,C—Patterson) sponsored a Resolution today on the floor of the New York State Senate honoring fallen City of Poughkeepsie Police Officer, now Detective, John Falcone. Detective Falcone was tragically shot and killed February 18th after responding to a call at the City of Poughkeepsie train station. “You couldn’t ask for a more beautiful family than this family. John’s sister being married to my cousin, Officer Falcone was an extended member of my family, and I just wanted to say to John,  Margaret and his sister Vicky not only behalf of this legislature but on behalf of the Ball family and on behalf of myself – that our hearts absolutely go out to the family, to you, to John’s memory. I was at that service and what a beautiful tribute to someone who was an amazing man.There were over ten thousand law enforcement personnel that showed up in John’s memory. He was a warrior of warriors, always in the thick of it. And the stories that were told to me over the course of the few days showed that he was a man among men. But as we all leave and live our daily lives to the Falcone family just know on behalf of this Legislature on behalf of my family, we will always be here. Hopefully we can always work to make the memory of that amazing and loving man fitting and our good work can empower his great memory.This is not the first life that John saved. He saved the life of another child but unfortunately  the life he saved this day will be the last life ever saved by John. We have law enforcement personnel throughout the United State of America and New York State that when they walk out that door their loved ones don’t know if they’ll ever return. It’s our responsibility as a Legislature to make sure those families know that the full weight of this body and New York State Government stands solidly behind the men and women in uniform.”In the coming days, Senator Ball will be introducing legislation to reinstate the death penalty for the intentional murder of a police officer, peace officer or an employee of the Department of Correctional Services. Senator Ball is also introducing legislation that would authorize a court order for global position monitoring of top violent defendants against whom there is a temporary order of protection.“I will work tirelessly and do everything in my power to prevent an event like this from happening again and so that Detective Falcone and Jessica Welch’s family know their sacrifices were not made in vain.”