Senator Brooks and Long Island Officials Respond to Water Throwing Incident with NY Cops and Public Safety for First Responders

Hauppauge, NY – In response to recent incidents where NYC police officers were assailed with buckets and doused with water, Senator John E. Brooks (SD-8), Suffolk and Nassau County Executives Steve Bellone and Laura Curran, Suffolk County District Attorney Timothy Sini, and Suffolk County Police Commissioner Geraldine Hart held a joint press conference today to announce their plans to work together in developing comprehensive statewide legislation to deter violent acts against public safety professionals and first responders of any sort. 

“So we are all clear,” said Senator Brooks, “we are not here about a bucket of water but rather the troubling environment we find ourselves in.” Of major concern to the senator is the possibility of copycat incidents to these actions for the sake of social media hits and “going viral,” as well as the preoccupying mental burden for first responders who already have enough procedural and safety concerns when responding to a call and do not need the added fear of an attack.

According to Brooks, who as a LI Firefighter for over 30 years and a former Fire Chief, understands the mental and emotional components necessary for being a first responder:

“First responders need to focus on the nature of the call they are responding to… not divert their attention to having to think about the nonsense we saw last week!”

When asked about the incident in relation to the legislation that will be forthcoming, Nassau County Executive, Laura Curran stated, “I’m proud to stand with Senator John Brooks and County Executive Steve Bellone to condemn violent acts against our police officers and other first responders.  I will be working with Senator Brooks and other government partners on legislation that protects our brave men and women.  These types of attacks are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

Working with the District Attorney and Police Commissioner, Senator Brooks and County Executives Bellone and Curran will be drafting legislation to protect all first responders, including police, fire, corrections, sheriff, and emergency medical personnel from all forms of vicious attack, including the dumping, pouring, spraying, or throwing of any liquid, gel, powder, vapor, gas or similar substance, on or at any first responder.

“The law will contain various penalties based on the items used in the incident and the method by which these items were introduced. I would also like to see the law address copycat incidents with additional penalties,” says Brooks. “Working together we will develop legislation that addresses all aspects of these kind of incidents, establishes penalties which are both effective and realistic.”