Senator Brooks Passes Bill Increasing Fire Safety in Newly-Built Homes

(Albany, NY) Senator John Brooks and the Senate Majority passed legislation today that will greatly enhance fire safety measures by increasing access to In-Home-Fire-Sprinklers in newly constructed homes. The bill, S.1645-B, sponsored by Senator Brooks, will require homeowners to be provided a cost estimate for installation of a fire sprinkler system when purchasing a newly constructed home.

“Understanding the necessity and cost of protecting your family is an essential component in the safety of your home. Sprinkler systems are very effective in both containing a fire before it spreads and reducing the overall damage that can result,” said Senator Brooks. “As a lifelong firefighter, I have seen the difference that installed sprinklers can create in regards to damage control and loss of life. This bill will provide prospective homeowners who are planning new construction with a cost estimate for the installation of a fire sprinkler system as a means to encourage additional fire safety in their home.”