Senator Serrano Comments on his "Woman of Distinction" Honoree, Emily Kessler

May 12, 2015

This week, the New York State Senate held its annual Women of Distinction celebration, where all Senators are encouraged to highlight an amazing woman from our district who's made significant contributions to our community and society as a whole. This year it is with great honor that I recognize Emily Kessler.

Emily Kessler is truly an amazing individual. During World War II, she faced unspeakable horrors at the hands of the Nazis, being forced into imprisonment in a Ukrainian concentration camp. She survived and escaped the holocaust, eventually making her way to New York City where she currently resides on the Upper West Side. While in NYC she took up the mandolin, which she had learned to play as a child, and became such a masterful musician that in November of 2014, at the age of 97, she was invited to perform at Lincoln Center.

Emily is the epitome of a survivor, facing all her obstacles with determination, strength and wit. I am so fortunate to have this opportunity to honor Emily Kessler, an amazing inspiration...and without a doubt, a woman of true distinction.