Serrano and Experts Discuss Museum Deaccession at Meeting of the Senate Committee on Cultural Affairs, Tourism, Parks and Recreation

May 06, 2009

Committee Chair José M. Serrano invited experts in the field to discuss Museum Deaccession at a lively meeting in the Capitol.

Features Statements From:

• Senators Serrano and Squadron• Assemblymen Brodsky and Titone• Anne Ackerson, Executive Director of the Museum Association of NY• David Palmquist,Director of Chartering Office, New York State Museum• Michael Botwinick, Director of the Hudson River Museum• Steven Kern, Director of the Everson Museum

“Yesterday really demonstrated how we are empowering this committee process, to the great benefit of our constituents,” said Senator Serrano. “We’re opening the doors of government, thanks to the video clip posted online. We provided for open debate and dissent on legislation. There was representation from across the State. Most importantly, we gained insight from the experts, the folks who best understand the challenges on the ground, and how we can help overcome them.”