Sen. Robach Hosts Reality Rides Distracted Driving Simulator at New York State Capitol

Today, Senator Joseph Robach hosted the Reality Rides Distracted Driving Simulator at the New York State Capitol. Reality Rides consists of a driving simulator that utilizes a real, but stationary, vehicle equipped with virtual reality technology, including a curved LED television that displays an animated environment and reacts to the driver’s motions. Using the vehicle’s steering wheel, gas and brake pedals, the driver is tasked with driving while also attempting to text and talk on the phone. These simulations demonstrate the potential consequences distracted drivers could face while on the road.

“I am proud to partner with New York Insurance Association and Allstate to bring Reality Rides to the New York State Capitol,” Sen. Joseph Robach said. “This distracted driver simulator will help motorists be aware of the perils of distracted driving while receiving tips, suggestions and information on how we can all be more capable and aware drivers every time we get behind the wheel. As Senate Transportation Chairman, I will continue to work every day to ensure that New York State is doing everything it can to keep our roads safe for all that use them.”