Sen. Robach joins Legislative Colleagues to Call for Ban of Unsafe Guardrail System

May 16, 2017

Today, I joined my colleagues Sen. Catherine Young and Assemblymen Sean Ryan and Andy Goodell to announce legislation that calls on the Federal Highway Administration and the New York State Department of Transportation to ban the X-Lite Guardrail System from use on the roadway. This legislation was inspired by the tragic loss of life of a New Yorker in Tennessee who died because of this type of guardrail system not redirecting her car, but rather penetrating the cabin. Anything we can do to ensure that New York State’s highways are safe for the millions of residents who use them should be of the highest priority. Whether it is keeping dangerous products off our roads, bringing our state’s infrastructure into the 21st Century or making sure our state adequately funds transportation, we are working every day to make our roads, highways and bridges safe for all New Yorkers.