Senator Robach Makes Remarks at Lifespan Press Conference

April 09, 2013

Lifespan’s Elder Abuse Prevention Program (EAPP) protects New York’s most frail and vulnerable population by providing direct intervention services, public education, and training for professionals to assist victims.




Since 1998, Lifespan has intervened in thousands of elder abuse/mistreatment cases and trained more than 25,000 professionals from Buffalo to Brooklyn to recognize elder abuse and what steps to take when it is identified.




Some tragic facts concerning elder abuse:




· In NYS, more than 260,000 older adults are victims of elder abuse every year.


· Financial exploitation is the most prevalent form of abuse.


· For every case of elder abuse known to the system, 24 cases go unreported to anyone.


· Most victims are women;


· Most over the age of 75;


· Many are physically and/or cognitively incapacitated or low income.