Senator Griffo Reacts to Governor Cuomo's 2014-15 Budget Address

January 22, 2014

Following Gov. Cuomo's budget unveiling, Sen. Joseph A. Griffo offered the following comment: 

“The governor’s budget starts off with a good premise. We’re going to control spending. We’re going to cut taxes. And we’re going to invest in economic opportunity and education.

“So now we’ll have the opportunity to delve into all these details, to examine the document, to moderate where we want to based on deliberations and some of the conversations with our constituents back home. There will be a number of hearings. But overall, I think we’re moving in the right direction and I’m encouraged by many of the elements that have funding.

"The question now is: How do we make it all work and sustain this? So we want to see increased education funding and we want to make sure that’s done in a fair and equitable manner. We also want to ensure that we in the upstate region have an opportunity to take advantage of many of the new initiatives, particularly in infrastructure improvements. Everything else, right now – as we go through the next couple of months – we’ll really begin to delineate and really allow us to put a final product together, which I hope will be on time. The only concern I have is we begin to bring program legislative elements into a fiscal document, that could be challenging. But I remain hopeful.”